Reserve Space-Jared L. Cohon University Center - Carnegie Mellon University

Reserving Space in the Cohon Center

Most spaces in the Cohon University Center can be reserved using our online scheduling system (login required). Please direct any questions regarding reservations to the Scheduling Office (x8-1853)

The Cohon Center Scheduling Office is not responsible for reservations in academic buildings. For any questions regarding reservations in academic buildings, send an e-mail to

Submitting requests

Requests made via 25Live are not considered scheduled until you have received a confirmation e-mail from the Scheduling Office. Once you have placed a request, do not edit your event in 25Live.

Please note that all requests must be made at least two business days before the date of the event. Cohon Center spaces can be reserved only by student organizations or academic departments between the hours of 8 a.m. and midnight, and may not be reserved for class-related purposes.

Event setups

When placing a request for space, please include all setup needs. Please be as detailed as possible, especially if you are not using a standard setup. If you need to make any changes to your setup, contact the Scheduling Office.

Cohon Center staff will handle all setup requests. Standard furniture and amenities will incur no additional fees. Cohon Center staff will rent additional amenities (such as high cocktail tables, stages, etc.) through an outside company and charge the cost to your organization.

Projection and sound

You are responsible for renting any media services (projection, microphones, speakers, etc.) you need for your event. Please view the Multimedia Services page for more information.

Catering/food service

Catering for events must be provided by University Catering or a university-preferred vendor, as indicated in our event policies. You will be charged a fee for using other caterers.

If your organization is providing food, you must follow the Cohon Center's food safety policy.


Contact the Scheduling Office with any changes to your reservation, including setup changes, time changes, or cancellations. Do not attempt to make any changes to your reservation in 25Live, as that may drop your reservation from our scheduling system.