Event Services-Jared L. Cohon University Center - Carnegie Mellon University


The Cohon University Center has available a number of amenities for events. When making a request for a space, indicate in the event notes what you will need. The amenities listed below may be requested at no charge.


  • 6ft. rectangular table (72in.x30in.)
  • 8ft. conference table (96in.x18in.)
  • 5ft. round banquet table (seats 8)
  • 6ft. round banquet table (seats 10)

Additional table sizes (e.g. tall cocktail tables) are available from an outside rental company. Include such needs in your space request to determine charges.

Extension cords/power strips

The Information Desk has a limited supply of extension cords and surge protectors available for Cohon Center reservations. Please leave your ID card with the desk attendant as collateral while you have items checked out.

Signage & stanchions

Cohon Center staff would be pleased to offer sign stands and other supplies for your event needs at no cost. Please do not tape decorations or directional signage to any surface in or on the building.

Sign stand

Black post sign stand

Red sign stand

Large red sign stand


Tripod easel

Flip chart

Flip chart


Line stanchions