Posting Policy-Jared L. Cohon University Center - Carnegie Mellon University

Posting Policy


Organizations hosting events in the Jared L. Cohon University Center are not permitted to tape decorations to any surface in the building. Organizations may request sign stands from the Information Desk to hang decorations on and may hang banners and other decorations using string where appropriate.

Directional signs

Directional signage is not permitted to be taped anywhere inside or outside the CUC, including on doors and stairwells. The CUC will provide sign stands to direct patrons to events in the building. Additionally, the CUC has a limited number of plastic sandwich boards that organizations may borrow to place signage outside the building.


Display cases

The CUC maintains two display cases available to organizations for advertising. These may be reserved for a maximum of two weeks through our online scheduling system (login required).

Display cases are 57"x45"


Banner Policy

  • Banner must be advertising a "university related" event
  • Banner must be constructed of vinyl (no paper, plastic, or cardboard)
  • Banner must have grommets at the top in order to attach to railings with "zip ties"
  • There are two spaces to hang banners: Space #1 has the dimensions of 10ft x 9ft, and Space #2 has the dimensions of 6ft x 9ft.
  • Banner time limit is two weeks
For any questions, please contact Stan Krowitz

Bulletin boards

Permitted "open" boards

There are several locations available for the placement of posters, including above the water fountains in the elevator lobby on every floor and along the north entrance hallway facing Forbes Ave.

Please use tacks only when posting flyers to the bulletin boards. Do not staple or tape your flyers to the boards.

Controlled access boards

Controlled boards are maintained by the CUC staff and are available with permission to student or organizations for the placement of posters. These locations are marked with clearly legible and easily visible notices.


Postings are prohibited in the following locations: walls, doors, columns, piers, pylons, floors, ceilings, windows, furniture, and fixtures (including light fixtures, vents, pipes, radiators, water fountains, soap dispensers, toilets, urinals, sinks, bathroom partitions, etc.).

Posters laid anywhere in the CUC, including on tables and banisters, will be treated as litter and thrown away. However, table tents will be permitted, so long as the article can stand on its own.

Restrictions for posters

  • Active posters may not be posted in duplicate on a single board
  • Posters may not be posted over active posters
  • Posters may not exceed 11"x17"
  • The main information on the poster must be in English

Posting on controlled access boards

The CUC maintains bulletin boards to advertise campus events. In order to have a flyer posted to these boards, organizations are required to provide at least three posters to the Information Desk. Two of the posters will be posted on CUC-controlled access boards located on the east wall of Kirr Commons and to the left of the Career and Professional Development Center on the lower level. The remaining poster is kept on record and is used to update events information.

Restrictions for posters

  • Posters must advertise an event hosted and/or sponsored by a recognized student organization or administrative department
  • Posters may not exceed 11"x17"
  • The event title, date, and time must be listed in English
  • The event must occur on one day only; it cannot repeat or include multiple dates
  • The event must take place on campus or at a recognized off-campus location such as Soldiers and Sailors Hall
  • The event must be open to the entire campus community
  • The poster may not advertise the consumption of alcohol
  • The images and text must be of a tasteful quality


The building supervisor is responsible for approving your poster. If the poster fails the requirement for posting or is deemed inappropriate for posting on the controlled access boards, the poster will not be posted and may be returned or discarded. All approved posters will be stamped with the date of its approval.


If the poster is approved, a building supervisor will post it as his or her work schedule permits.

Removal of posters

Any CUC building supervisor or staff member has the right to remove posters from any bulletin board in the building.

Violation of policy

Any violation of this policy may result in fines levied against an individual or organization. This policy may be amended or revised as deemed necessary by CUC staff.