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CMWA Scholarships

The CMWA Scholarships began in 1964 to "honor an outstanding girl at the university."  The tradition continues today, however, with scholarship awards being given to several senior women each year.  Each year the Scholarship Chair works with the deans and department heads to nominate outstanding senior undergraduate women from which the awardees are selected.  The awards are presented by CMWA Honorary President Mary Suresh in spring at the end of the academic year at the CMWA Scholarship Reception.

Scholarship Recipients

CFA Penelope (Ellie) Hopen Bachelor of Architecture
MCS Kathryn McKeough B.S. Physics with an additional major in Statistics
SCS Nivedita Chopra B.S. in Computer Science, minor in Economics
Scholarship in Honor of Mrs. Mary Suresh and her Dedication to the Health Care Industry Emma Livne B.A. Global Studies, pre-med
CIT Niharika Singh B.S. and M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering
Dietrich College Laura Stiles B.A. Creative Writing, additional major in Professional Writing
Teppper Megan Garvey B.S. Business Administration- Finance, additional major in Statistics

50th Anniversary Scholarship in Honor of Mary Suresh and her Dedication to the Health Care Industry

Corinne Clinch B.S. Civil Engineering, additional major in Biomedical Engineering

CFA Courtney Wittekind B.H.A. Art and Anthropology
MCS Catherine Byrd B.S. Biological Sciences
SCS Margaret Schervish B.S. Computer Science, additional major in Mathematical Sciences

CIT Jennifer Martinez B.S. Civil Engineering
Dietrich College Alexandra Hansen B.S. Decision Science, additional major in Policy and Management
Tepper Michele McCauley B.S. Business Administration

CFA Elizabeth (Lizzee) Solomon Bachelor of Fine Arts
MCS Molly Evans B.S. Biological Sciences
SCS Ida Mayer B.S. Computer Science, B.A. Multilingual Studies, B.A. Creative Writing

CIT Julie Ng B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering
H&SS Erin Honcharuk B.S. Psychology
Tepper Megan Larcom B.S. Business Administration, International Relations and Politics

CFA Maddie Regan B.F.A. Drama Production, Technology & Management
MCS Heather Chaflin B.S. Biological Sciences, Minor: Mathematical Sciences
SCS Madeleine Pitsch B.S. Computer Science
CIT Courtney Ondeck B.S. Material Science Engineering, Biomedical Engineering
H&SS Brittany McCandless B.A. Professional & Creative Writing, Minor: International Relations
Tepper Anny Ly B.S. Business Administration, B.S. Human Computer Interaction, Minor: Communication Design

CFA Emily Rice B.A. Architecture, German
MCS Marciela DeGrace B.S. Biological Sciences, B.A. Hispanic Studies
SCS Chiu Yee Priscilla Tsang B.S. Computer Science
CIT Lara Lovell B.S. Chemical Engineering, Minors: Chemistry, Biomedical Engineering
H&SS Rachel Wu B.S. Psychology, B.A. History
Tepper Margaret Beck B.S. Business Administration
CFA Julia Bamford B.H.A. Japanese and Art
MCS Margaret A. Young B.S. Biological Sciences
SCS Belinda Chang B.S. Computer Science
CIT Diana Henderson B.S. Electrical and Computer Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Minor: Jazz Performance
H&SS Nicole Velez B.S. Information Systems
Tepper Sui Ping Lau B.S. Business Administration
CFA Kristin Schaffner B.A. Music (Piano Performance)
MCS Adelena Shee B.S. Computational Finance
SCS Tiffany Chang B.S. Human Computer Interaction
CIT Amy Graveline B.S. Electrical and Computer Engineering, Biomedical Health Engineering
GSIA Melanie Eberhard B.S. Business Administration
H&SS Heather Krogh B.A. Modern Languages
CFA Carrie Schneider B.A. Art and Humanities
MCS Zalenda Cyrille B.S. Mathematical Sciences, Minor: Secondary Teaching
SCS Ting-Chih Shih B.S. Computer Science
CIT Reena Singhal B.A., M.A. Electrical and Computer Engineering
GSIA Pia Talukdar B.S. Business Administration - Marketing
H&SS Candice Amich B.A. English, Creative Writing
CFA Sara M. Dicksion B.F.S. Drama
MCS Ruth Jamison B.S. Mathematical Sciences
SCS Yelena Malyutin B.S. Computer Science