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The Piper+ May 2010

Wonders at Work

Chirara Robots David Touretzky (from left), a research professor at the Robotics Institute, Josh Moore and Donte Massie watch Ralph Pistorius maneuver a Chiara Robot during the annual Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day sponsored by Staff Council. Staff Council member Kenneth Chu said more than 150 children and 60 volunteers participated in activities on April 22.


Humanitarian Ian Rawson, managing director of Hôpital Albert Schweitzer in Haiti, will be the keynote speaker at CMU's 113th Commencement Ceremony on Sunday, May 16. Leslie McAhren, an entrepreneurial artist receiving her master's degree in fine arts, will be the student speaker. Read about their stories and more in this month's Piper.

Why Water Matters

Dzombak Professor David Dzombak, faculty director of the Steinbrenner Institute for Environmental Education and Research, is helping to plan the World Environment Day Water Matters! conference on June 3 at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. Dzombak is one of the leading environmentalists at CMU. Read a Q&A with Dzombak in this issue. Listen to him answer the three following questions on his own research and some of the issues facing the field.
What is your research, and how does it impact both the environment and public policy? [4:15] [Transcript]
What are some of the greatest challenges for our environment as we move forward? [1:54] [Transcript]
How are Carnegie Mellon and the region trying to solve of the environmental challenges endemic to the Pittsburgh region? [3:44] [Transcript]

Piper Trivia

In honor of National Bike to Work Day on May 21, name two of the bicycling commuters who are featured in this month's Piper. Email the answer to Bruce Gerson at and include "May Piper Trivia" in the subject line. Previous winners are ineligible. Winners will receive a prize from the Carnegie Mellon Bookstore.

Science Magazine Honors Online Chemistry Labs

Watch David Yaron discuss the ChemCollective program, which provides chemistry instructors with free access to activities that go beyond traditional textbook problems, allowing students to engage with chemistry in a way that reflects what practicing chemists do in the lab. The website was recently honored by Science magazine. Read more about it in the May Piper.

Special Delivery

Watch a video [1:00] of a nine-ton Siemens Verio 3T Scanner being installed into the new new Scientific Imaging and Brain Research (SIBR) Center in Wean Hall. The narrator is Marcel Just, the D. O. Hebb Professor of Psychology and director of the SIBR.

Top Headlines and Related Links

campaign "Inspire Innovation: The Campaign
for Carnegie Mellon"
recently visited D.C. as it nears the two-thirds mark. Learn more
in this month's Piper.
• Obituary: H. Guyford Stever 1916-2010; Former University President Leaves Legacy in Education and Science
• Cuban Connection: CFA Dean Visits Artists in Havana
• Public Opinions: Study Suggests Tweets May Replace Polls as Public Barometers
Sticky Notes A professor keeps it brief by writing stories
on Post-it Notes. See her work in the May Piper. For more, check out student works in
this Post-Gazette feature.
Gigapanorama David Bear, a STUDIO for Creative Inquiry fellow, recently unveiled a GigaPanorama of Pittsburgh. Learn more about the project in this issue. Check out the colossal image.
Green Practices In this month's issue, read about how faculty and staff bike to work. Green Practices is hosting a Bike to Work breakfast on Friday, May 21 with BikePGH.
SCS The School of Computer Science is at the top of the new U.S. News graduate school rankings. Check out other CMU rankings in the Piper and the university's rankings website.

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