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Change Between 2 & 3 Columns

You may change an existing 2 column page to a 3 column page and vice versa. Changing page types for special pages (e.g., Bio pages, News pages, Expand-collapse pages) is not recommended as those pages should always be built starting from scratch.

  1. Start by selecting the page in the folder structure on the left.
  2. Click on the Edit tab and then the System sub-tab.

    Change Page Type
  3. The page type is designated by the Content Type attribute.  In the example below, the page type is a 2 column page. To change this, click on the square icon with the chain-link.

    Change Page Type
  4. In the pop-up window, select the new page type that you would like to change the page to. Special page types will also appear in the list if your website has them, however as a reminder please do not change the page type to anything other than a 2 column or a 3 column page.

    Change Page Type

    Warning! If you change a 3 column page to a 2 column page, you will lose the contents contained in the third column. Please make a backup of the information on your own if you think you may need a record of it.

  5. After you have selected the new page type, click on the Confirm button. 
  6. You must now hit the Submit button before you proceed to edit the page.
If you have changed a 2 column page to a 3 column page, you will notice the new callout box section when you edit the page. Likewise, the callout box section will be gone if you change a 3 column page to a 2 column page.

Change Page Type