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Change Background Color

As shown in the examples below, your website can have either a khaki or white colored background in the main content area. By default, new websites come with a khaki background.

Background Color

Background color is a site-wide element and cannot be changed on a page-by-page basis. You can change the background color through the site-config page in the _internal folder of your website.

  1. From your website's main folder, go to _internal (folder) > site-config (folder) > site-config (page):

    Site Config
  2. Click the Edit tab. In the section called site-config you will see the option for Content area background.  Select your desired color.

    Site Config
  3. Click the Submit button. All of your pages should now display the new background color.

Note: If you are changing the background color on an existing website, you will need to republish the entire website in order for the change to take effect.  Please publish large jobs like this after hours.