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How to Unpublish

Unpublishing an item (e.g., page, folder, or file) removes it from the website servers (e.g., cms-staging, so that it is no longer accessible by the public. If you would like to delete an item, move an item, or change an item's system name, it is crucial that you unpublish it first. Items that have been deleted, moved, or renamed in the CMS without having been unpublished first become "orphans" on your website. Orphans are items that are publicly accessible on your website but have no corresponding counterpart in the CMS, therefore they un-editable. Learn more about orphans and how to remove and prevent them.

To Unpublish an Item

  1. Select the item in the folder structure on the left, then click on the Publish tab.
  2. Select the publishing destination(s) that you would like to remove the item from (usually all destinations listed), then select the Un-publish radio button for Publish Mode. Click Submit.


Note: If the item you unpublished was formerly part of the website's navigation (and you do not wish for it to be a navigation item any longer), you'll need to disable it from being indexed or delete the item in the CMS, then republish the parent folder of the item so that the navigation on the site gets updated to omit the unpublished item.