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Callout Boxes

Use callout boxes to attract attention, but be brief.

Callout boxes can be easily placed in the third column of any three-column page (the green "tips" section to the right is a callout box). They attract the attention of the user and should be used to display brief amounts of information, such as helpful links or special announcements. We recommend that you use no more than three callout boxes on any given page, and that they never extend past the main content area. They are available in all of the colors shown below, or you can choose to have no background color if you prefer to have your callout box in plain white space.

violet red orange
blue dark gray green
brown mustard tan


  • Callout boxes are placed on individual pages, so do not use them for information that needs to appear site-wide.
  • Callout boxes should not drop below the main content area.
  • Keep information brief.
  • You may put images and links in callout boxes.