Weekend Workshops Frequently Asked Questions

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Does my child have to take the EXPLORE test to participate in Weekend Workshops?
No. The EXPLORE test is not required for any C-MITES program.
What is the selection process for Weekend Workshops?
Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.
If my child is taking the EXPLORE test in January, when can he/she register for classes?
Immediately. Weekend Workshops are open to gifted students in kindergarten through 10th grade, regardless of participation in the C-MITES Talent Search.
My child is in 3rd grade but really likes robots. Can my child take the 5th grade robotics class?
No. The course is specifically designed for gifted 5th-7th graders. Students in those grades ONLY will be placed in the class.
How do I know my child got into a class?
Students registering by paper application receive an acceptance letter in the mail. Students registering online receive an email. Online applicants do NOT receive a paper acceptance letter
When is payment due?
Payment is due immediately. If payment is not received, the student will lose his/her place in the class. We expect payment within 48 hours of receiving your confirmation if you register online and within one week if you register by mail.
What happens if I don't pay by the deadline?
Your child will lose his or her spot in a class.
How do I check the status of my online registration?
Log in with your C-MITES username and password to view an existing registration. You may print this page as your confirmation. If you would like to edit your registration, please do so using the “Add/Delete” link or by phone or email; please do NOT re-register your child.
What is the link to log in and view my registration?
If I must cancel after paying for a Weekend Workshop, can I receive a refund?
There is a $25 cancellation fee for Weekend Workshops. If a student cancels by the Friday two weeks before the class, they will receive a refund less the $25 cancellation fee. If the student cancels after that date, they will not receive any refund. Students providing a valid doctor's excuse receive a full refund.
If my child is on the waiting list for a class, when will I be notified if he/she gets into the class?
A C-MITES staff member will call or e-mail you as soon as we receive notification of a cancellation.
Is financial aid available for Weekend Workshops?
Yes. Students qualifying for the free/reduced cost lunch program at school are eligible. See the brochure for rates and restrictions. Please submit the necessary fee waiver documentation with your application.
I qualify for financial aid. When will my online account reflect the reduced price?
The online system only allows you to pay full price for a class. Financial aid recipients must pay by check through the mail or credit card over the phone.
Where should I park at Carnegie Mellon?
Use the Morewood Parking Lot.
How do I get to the classrooms if my child or I have a physical disability?
Call the C-MITES office for more information.
What should I do if my child has a food allergy or medical condition?
Complete the Student Information Form and submit it as soon as possible. Call the C-MITES office if the condition is severe or requires special attention.
What does my child need to bring?
Please bring a nut-free snack for half-day classes or a sack lunch for full-day classes. You may also provide your child with cash in small denominations to use at the available vending machines.
Will my child be supervised during lunch?
Yes. Please send your child with a nut-free sack lunch. A C-MITES staff member will stay with them during lunch time and take them to their afternoon class.
Where can parents wait during class?
In the lobby of Wean Hall. We do not have a separate parent waiting room. Parents may also visit the campus Bookstore or the Maggie Murph Café in Hunt Library during hours of operation. The Carnegie Museums, Carnegie Library and Phipps Conservatory are also within walking distance.
What if my child is sick for a class?
Do not bring a sick child to class. Families providing a doctor's excuse will receive a full refund.
What happens in the case of the bad weather?
We will update class cancellations on the telephone message at (412) 268-1629, extension 1. Do not attempt to drive to class if your local conditions are dangerous.
When will we receive information about the next session of Weekend Workshops?
Fall Weekend Workshop brochures are usually mailed in August. Spring Weekend Workshop brochures are usually mailed in early January. Sign up for the C-MITES email list (on the CMITES homepage) to receive an email notification as soon as the information becomes available on our website.
How can I pay for classes?
Pay online, call with a Visa, Mastercard or Discover, or mail a check or money order made payable to Carnegie Mellon with your child's name in the memo line.

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