Summer Program Frequently Asked Questions

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Does my child have to take the EXPLORE test to participate in the Summer Program?
No. However, first priority for placement in a class will be given to those who have taken the test. Students who have taken the EXPLORE test through C-MITES also pay a discounted price. Only about 15% of the Summer Program students in 3rd grade and older have NOT taken the EXPLORE test.
What is the selection process for the Summer Program?
All applications that are submitted by the deadline are given full consideration by the selection committee. Selection is based on the application, teacher recommendation and submitted test scores.
Where are summer classes held?
Classes are held at many locations throughout Pennsylvania, both in and outside of Allegheny County. See the Summer Schedule link on the Summer Program page for specific class locations.
Can my child take more than one summer class?
Yes. There is no limit on the number of Summer Program classes a student may take. Due to time or money constraints, a student will usually only attend one, or occasionally two, classes.
What grade level should be used when applying for the Summer Program?
Use the current grade level as of April, when the application is due. Do not use the next year's grade level.
Do students who have taken the EXPLORE test receive a discount for each class?
Yes, students who have taken the EXPLORE test through the C-MITES Talent Search receive a per class discount.
Is financial aid available for the Summer Program?
Yes. Financial aid is awarded based on need. See the Financial Assistance Form in the Summer Program application. Please submit the necessary fee waiver documentation with your application.
If my child applies but does not get placed in a Summer Program class, do we get a refund for the application fee?
No. The application fee covers the cost of processing the application and is non-refundable.
Should I wait until I receive my child’s EXPLORE test scores before mailing in the application?
Yes. Please wait until the scores arrive so you can mail a completed application. You should receive the scores from ACT before the Summer Program application deadline. Scores from January/February testing usually arrive by March 27th. Remember, the Summer Program is not first-come, first-served.
What can I do if I’ve misplaced my child’s EXPLORE test scores?
You can call the C-MITES office and request that a copy of the report be mailed to you for a $10 processing fee.
Are full-day programs available?
Yes. We have some classes that meet from 9am - 4pm. Some sites have morning classes plus optional afternoon programs.
When will we receive information about next year’s Summer Program?
Summer Program brochures are usually mailed in February. Sign up for the C-MITES email list (on the CMITES homepage) to receive an email notification as soon as the information becomes available on our website.

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