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Social Studies

The American Presidency: A Glorious Burden: Explore the people and the practices behind the U.S. presidency on this site from the Smithsonian.

America's Story: Explore American history, from politics to sports, on this site from the Library of Congress.

Eyewitness to History: An archive of eyewitness accounts of historical events.

The GeoNet Game: Play this game to see how much you know about the United States, and help save the world from invading aliens!

Heinz History Center: Learn about the history of western Pennsylvania.

The History Channel:Find out what happened on this day in history.

History Happens: Features the “History Mystery” and historical information presented in the form of music videos.

Kids Web Japan: Your guide to Japan, from climate to politics to sports.

National Geographic Kids: Read National Geographic Kids magazine, get homework help, and enjoy in games, activities and experiments, including Creature Features and the GeoBee Challenge.

On This Day: Events in history that share today’s date.

The Paleontology Portal: Dive into the subject of paleontology by exploring time and space, visiting a fossil gallery, and seeing famous flora and fauna.

The Smithsonian: Tour the exhibits online; links to all of the Smithsonian’s museums, including Natural History, Art, Indian, Arts and Industries, and the Portrait Gallery.

Social Studies Games: Play a variety of games related to social studies.

States Web Games: Play a variety of online games that test your knowledge of the 50 states.

Unearthing T. Rex: Discover what it’s like to dig up the bones of a Tyrannosaurus Rex and then learn how easy and fun working with fossils can be.

United Nations Cyber School Bus: This United Nations webpage for kids features quizzes, games, art from students from around the world.

The U.S. 50: All about the fifty states.

What’s It Like Where You Live?: Describes life in all the biomes of the world, including grasslands, tundra, rainforest and deserts.

Where is THAT?: Test your knowledge of geography and capitol cities.

World Flag Database: Information on all of the countries of the world with pictures of their flags; includes historical flags and a link to a national anthem website.

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