Links for Students


A+ Math: Features a worksheets, a homework helper, and a game room.

AAA Math: Math games and practice, divided both by topic and grade level.

Analytical Games: links to various math and problem solving games, including Mastermind, and 102030 (a one-person math game).

Ask Dr. Math: Get the answers to all of your math questions.

At Home Math: Math activities that you can do at home.

Brainteasers: problems to solve and the "Daily Factoid."

Challenge 24: Play Challenge 24 online.

Count Us In: Games designed to help children understand basic number concepts.

The Game of Set: A pattern game that can be played at this site.

Highline: An advanced math program for kids in grades 5-7, including practice quizzes and a homework helper.

Magic of Math: Select from several math-oriented puzzles to solve.  Answers are provided in case you get stumped!

Math Baseball: Answer math questions to get ahead in this baseball game!

Math Tic Tac Toe: A mathematical twist on a familiar game.

Mega-Math: online math activities, including the Most Colorful Math of All, Games on Graphs, Untangling the Mathematics of Knots, Algorithms and Ice Cream for All, Machines that Eat Your Words, and a Usual Day at Unusual School.

Mrs. Glosser's Math Goodies: Choose a math topic, read about it, and then try out some problems.

Number Bracelets: Create bracelets out of digits and look for patterns.

Powers of 10: Explore the relevance of the powers of 10 to math, science, art, music...the list goes on!

Purplemath: Your Algebra Resource: Get help with Algebra.

Simple Math Practice game

SOMA Cubes and Figures: Difficult 3-D puzzles.

Word Problems for Kids: Brainteasers divided by grade level.

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