How Do Students Get Involved?

C-MITES offers several programs for students throughout the calendar year. However, C-MITES does not have a general membership fee or general membership requirements. The requirements vary depending on the program.

Weekend Workshops/Steppingstones

Our workshops are designed for bright and talented students. We recommend our programs for students in gifted programs or those students who are in the top five percent of their class. This is a recommendation, not a requirement. The weekend workshops operate on a first-come, first-served basis. Even if your child is in a gifted program or has tested into the top five percent, we do not require any documentation.

Elementary Student Talent Search - Testing

For testing, we ask schools or parents to identify those students that have scored at the 95th percentile or above in an academic subject or overall score on a standardized nationally normed test. Those students are recommended to take the Explore test. If the child scores slightly below the 95th percentile cutoff or if no test scores are available, parents who are interested in having their child take the test can still send in an application. Parents simply need to sign a waiver saying they understand their child has not tested within the 95th percentile, but they still believe he/she has the ability to complete the Explore test.

Summer Program

The summer program is not first-come first-served. All students are required to fill out an application that includes personal information, Explore test scores or other standardized test scores and a teacher recommendation. The Explore test is not required for the summer program, but it is recommended. Students who have taken the Explore Test receive priority placement and a discount on class tuition.

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