General Frequently Asked Questions

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What is C-MITES?
C-MITES stands for "Carnegie Mellon Institute for Talented Elementary and Secondary Students." We specialize in providing challenging classes and testing for academically talented students.
Why should my child get involved in C-MITES?
For the academic stimulation, the challenging curriculum, and to meet children with similar abilities and interests.
Does my child need to be referred to C-MITES by a school?
No. Parents may nominate a child to participate in one of our programs. Any child who has scored at the 95th percentile on a standardized test or who is in a gifted program is eligible.
Does my child need to take the EXPLORE test in order to participate?
No. Students are not required to test in order to participate in Weekend Workshops or Steppingstones. In the Summer Program, priority is given to students who have taken the EXPLORE test, but students who have not tested may also be accepted into classes.
Can my first grader participate even though he/she has not had any formal testing?
Yes. Your child can participate in Weekend Workshops, Steppingstones and the Summer Program. C-MITES does not offer the EXPLORE test until students are in 3rd grade.
Since my child is gifted, can he apply for a class at a higher grade level than his current grade level?
No. C-MITES classes are already at an advanced level, geared for the gifted learner. For example, a class rated for 3rd - 5th grade is for gifted students in those grades and will move at a faster pace and a higher level than a regular 3rd - 5th grade class.
May I register for C-MITES classes or the EXPLORE test over the phone?
No. You cannot register for any of the C-MITES programs by phone. You may register online through the C-MITES website or by completing a paper registration and mailing or faxing it to the C-MITES office. You may pay for testing or classes by check through the mail or by credit card over the phone
Do I have to reapply for financial aid for each session?
Yes. Requests for financial aid as well as the required paperwork must be submitted for each session of classes. C-MITES does not retain financial aid documentation. Please do not send originals.
What paperwork should I submit for financial aid if my child’s school does not have a free or reduced-cost lunch program?
You should submit the first page of your most recent federal income tax form.
Where can I buy a C-MITES t-shirt?
They are for sale at the end of classes in the lobby of Wean Hall. You may also print and mail the t-shirt order form found under C-MITES Store on our website. Include payment with the form. T-shirts will be mailed to the provided address.

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