Dr. Ann Lupkowski Shoplik, C-MITES Director. Ann completed a Ph.D. at Texas A&M University and a postdoctoral fellowship with Dr. Julian Stanley at the Study of Mathematically Precocious Youth at Johns Hopkins University, where she shared an office with Dr. Susan Assouline. After working as an Assistant Professor at the University of North Texas, she founded C-MITES at Carnegie Mellon in 1992. She has coauthored or contributed to several books with Dr. Assouline and others: Developing Math Talent, The Iowa Acceleration Scale, and A Nation Deceived. She is a recipient of the Pennsylvania Association for Gifted Education Neuber-Pregler Award for Outstanding Efforts to Assure Quality Education for the Gifted. She says the best part about coming to work at C-MITES is “The kids! I enjoy their enthusiasm. After class, they are so excited to tell their parents all about what they learned and the new friends they made.”

Pamela Piskurich, C-MITES Program Coordinator. Pam is the Program Coordinator in charge of the Weekend Workshops at Carnegie Mellon University and the Summer Program throughout the state of Pennsylvania. She has developed and taught some of the C-MITES Robotics classes.

Ray Budd, C-MITES Web Designer. Ray develops and maintains the web site for C-MITES. He also creates and manages all of the many databases C-MITES uses in its daily operation. Ray is also responsible for most of the C-MITES publications. Ray has been involved in education his entire life and says, "It is gratifying to be working in an area where you can provide appropriate educational opportunities to students."

Evelyn Mann, C-MITES Program Assistant. Evelyn handles the day-to-day responsibilities of the C-MITES office and coordinates the Weekend Workshops in the Philadelphia area. She is a Carnegie Mellon alum and teaches an occasional Weekend Workshops class (in Pittsburgh).

Ruth Ann Maloney, C-MITES Assistant. Ruth Ann started working in the C-MITES office in June, and she’s one of the friendly voices you’ll hear when you call the office to check on your child’s classes.

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