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The C-MITES Elementary Student Talent Search is underway. This talent search focuses on identifying academically talented students in third through sixth grades by giving them EXPLORE, an eighth grade level test, in order to obtain more specific information about the students' academic strengths. During the past 20 years, C-MITES has identified over 30,000 elementary students talented in mathematics, science, and verbal reasoning. In addition to identifying students through the talent search we also provide summer and weekend programs for talented youth in grades K-9.

Elementary students who participate in the C-MITES Talent Search benefit by taking an above-level test that enables them to demonstrate their unusual academic strengths; receiving information that can be used to determine appropriate curricular modifications; and being eligible to apply for summer programs for talented youth. Educators benefit from the C-MITES Talent Search by receiving individual test results and interpretation, a more specific and comprehensive picture of their academically talented students, and consultation and assistance in developing programs and opportunities for their talented students, if desired.

Each year the C-MITES Talent Search has expanded to include more cities as test sites, and we hope to expand our Talent Search even more. To do that, we need to identify schools throughout Pennsylvania to be test sites. The testing is usually the last Saturday in January, the last Sunday in January, and the last Saturday in February. Schools serving as testing sites need to identify a test site supervisor (paid depending on the volume of students testing) plus test proctors (paid a minimum of $50 per session). All student registrations are completed through the C-MITES office. Site supervisor's duties include: reserving rooms, counting test booklets and materials before the test day, checking students in as they arrive on test day, overseeing the actual testing, and counting and returning the test materials after testing is completed. The time commitment is about four hours per testing session.

If your school would be able to serve as a test site, please complete the information below. Please complete the form only if you are school personnel.

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