Become a Summer Program Site

The summer program is unique in that it brings bright students together in an academically stimulating atmosphere. The courses are designed to challenge students as well as complement what they study in school. Courses are hands-on, mentally stimulating, and highly enjoyable for the students.

Schools serving as summer program sites are asked to provide 1 classroom for each course. We prefer classrooms with tables rather than desks and the room should comfortably hold 20 students and 2 instructors. All C-MITES programs are covered under Carnegie Mellon insurance. (A copy of that insurance is sent to officially confirmed sites.) C-MITES is a non-profit organization. In an effort to keep costs to parents at a minimum, we try to find sites that charge us no fee or a very low fee.

If you are interested in becoming a C-MITES Summer Program site, please print the C-MITES Summer Site Survey and mail to our office at the address below.

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