Ghana’s Center for Democratic Development's press release on workshop results and recommendations-Center for International Policy & Innovation - Carnegie Mellon University

Ghana’s Center for Democratic Development’s press release on workshop results and recommendations

Ministers, Election Administrators (from Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Liberia, Southern Sudan, and Ghana), Africa Regional Bodies, Development Partners and Election Experts have ended a three-day workshop on "Preventing Electoral Violence and Instituting Good Governance"in Accra. The workshop, sponsored by Humanity United, was organized by CDD-Ghana and the Center for international Policy and Innovation (CIPI) of  Carnegie Mellon University, USA to find lasting solutions to the problem of electoral violence in Africa.

At the end of the workshop, participants made the following recommendations to safeguard Africa’s election administration and to strengthen democracy and good governance in member countries:

  • Dismantling the structures for violent political mobilisation through continuous civic and voter education and empowerment
  • Strengthening the Association of African Electoral Authorities (AAEA) to serve as a resource pool for senior level election professionals and as a forum for exchanging best practices on elections management
  • Developing and adopting principles for conducting elections in a manner that is consistent with Chapter Five of the African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance
  • Promoting transparency of the electoral process
  • Encouraging dialogue between Electoral Commissions and Political Parties
  • Supporting Research Agenda on Electoral violence
  • Improving Electoral Commissions’ state of readiness by providing training for electoral staff, developing strategies and practices for deploying electoral staff especially in countries where the electoral process is running concurrently to the constitutional process
  • Adopting the Parallel Vote Tabulation (PVT) election observation methodology as a good practice and as a monitoring tool that may be most effective in countries where the conditions are right for its application

The conference is one of a series of events that CDD-Ghana and CIPI is planning with African governments, scholars, civic leaders and sub-regional authorities to explore avenues for strengthening the capacities of election administrators to effectively respond to and ultimately prevent election violence within and across Africa.