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Monday, March 11, 2013

CIPI serves as a sponsor for the CMU International Film Festival

“Film is one of the three universal languages, the other two: mathematics and music.”
-Frank Capra

CMU 2013 International Film Festival, 'Faces of Media'The Center for International Policy and Innovation (CIPI) has signed on as a “Festival Celebrity” sponsor of the Carnegie Mellon University International Film Festival. In its seventh year, the 2013 theme “Faces of Media” features new and award-winning films from over a dozen countries from March 21 – April 13. The goal according to film festival organizers, is to expose participants to a variety of “contemporary issues concerning the societal effects of rapid globalized media development, such as violence, (in)justice, identity transformation....”

CIPI Executive Director Kendra Gaither said the policy center is excited to support the festival, which she described as a “wonderful opportunity to expose our campus community to the global people, themes and the policy issues the films raise.”

The International Film Festival and its primary sponsor, the Humanities Center, offer a glimpse into “the evolving world of globalized communication through a cinematic lens.” International Directors will take part in the festival as discussants and master class lecturers, and student organizations will offer cultural performances as part of the celebration.

“We are particularly delighted to join the International Film Festival in honoring the work of Dr. Paul Goodman,” Gaither continued, “and the establishment of the Goodman Faces of Work component of the festival.”

Dr. Goodman, the Richard Cyert Professor of Organizational Psychology, worked to globalize Carnegie Mellon University, developing many cross-continental partnerships and promoting U.S. awareness of work conditions in emerging countries.

Visit the Face of Media website for more information about the film festival and the movies being featured:

View the Faces of Media poster