Mission and Vision-Center for International Policy & Innovation - Carnegie Mellon University

Vision and Mission Statement

The mission of Center for International Policy and Innovation (CIPI) is to influence the complex interaction of political interdependence, technological change and economic integration as drivers of global affairs. CIPI builds on Carnegie Mellon University’s tradition of interdisciplinary scholarship and applies it to existing and emerging issues in international politics. The Center brings together renowned scholars, scientists, and public and private sector leaders who are:

  • Leveraging new technologies that enhance the capacity of governments, multilateral organizations and public and private institutions to transform governance and socio-economic development;
  • Advancing policy recommendations, practical applications, and industry-focused research relevant to countries seeking expanded economic opportunities in the global economy;
  • Influencing the generation of international norms, standards, rules and institutions that shape the opportunities for developing countries and emerging regional and global powers.

CIPI brings to bear Carnegie Mellon University’s unique strengths in information and communication technology, engineering, social sciences, and public policy and management to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship. As a university research and policy center located in Washington, D.C. and Pittsburgh, CIPI will deliver education programs, including the CIPI Leadership Forum, and resident fellows program to educate a future generation of scientists and policy practitioners that work at the nexus of political, economic, and technological change.