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LaunchCMU Demo & Poster Session

2:30-3:30 pm (Session 1)

5:00-6:30 pm (Session 2, concurrent with the Networking Reception)

Come see emerging technologies, products and services from CMU-related startups, including ones from the Open Field Entrepreneurs Fund, Project Olympus PROBEs, Swartz Entrepreneurial Fellows, CREATE Lab, Traffic 21/UTC, Quality of Life Technology Center, Disruptive Health Technologies Institute, Innovation Works and others.

Oracle Conference Center
350 Oracle Parkway
Redwood Shores, CA 94065 [map and directions]
Free parking available.

2014 Exhibitors

AgICAgIC International Corporation: Instant Circuit Board Prototyping

Yuki Nishida

AgIC Inc. (AgIC Intl. Corp.) provides solutions to make circuit boards more accessible. They developed a technology that turns the home inkjet printers into circuit board printers and developed conductive ink pens. Those solutions led them to raise $80,000 from 900 people with Kickstarter during March 2014.

AI Leap, Inc.AI Leap Inc.: Big Data in Finance

Dr. Yuri Smirnov and Natalia Vasilyeva

The entire financial industry has been overlooked as the target of Big Data Analytics. AI Leap Inc. found this untapped potential due to a big portion of manual data entry, lack of analytics and reporting applications. Just in a couple of months since its inception, AI Leap Inc. got "Big Data Money" products, services, customers, revenue and is anticipating rapid growth.


AlgorithmiaAlgorithmia: Open Marketplace for Algorithms

Diego Oppenheimer and Kenny Daniel

Algorithmia is a marketplace for algorithm developers. Algorithmia gives developers the ability to turn algorithms into scalable web services with a single click. Application developers can then integrate the algorithm into their own applications with under 10 lines of code. Algorithmia hosts the web services, makes them discoverable and enables algorithm developers to get paid for usage.

BandPassBandPass: Simplifying Live Music

Noah Tovares and Matthew Speakman

The live-music industry is dominated by a system of phone calls, emails and spreadsheets that wastes time and money. BandPass is disrupting the live-music industry with a SaaS solution that streamlines the booking process for bands and venues. By connecting and empowering bands and venues, BandPass is doing for the live-music industry what Uber did for transportation.

Care AcrossCare Across: An Online Community to Empower Cancer Patients and Support Pharmaceutical Research

Thanos Kosmidis, Alex Giamas and Paris Kosmidis

Care Across is an online community of cancer patients and caregivers, providing support, information, tools and advice. Throughout their interaction with the platform, members will provide medical and other information, which will be anonymized. This data will be provided to pharmaceutical companies for recruitment for clinical trials, analysis of patient reported outcomes, as well as targeted and measurable marketing of healthcare services. (Members will be aware of the use of their data in an aggregated form).

CollectedCollected: Stop Redoing. Start Reusing.

Steve Cotter

Collected enhances your productivity by reducing rework in the applications you use most. After securely analyzing the content in your cloud-storage accounts or company shared drives, Collected delivers intelligent content recommendations as you type inside Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Google Docs.






Amy Krishnamohan, Vikas Gupta, Anton Shokhrin and Luigi Righi

The objective of CourseGrain is to enhance the way in which we learn with Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) by locating the right course across a multitude of providers, keeping the student engaged throughout the duration of the course and maximizing the benefits of completed courses.





EdOptimizerEdOptimize: Powering Education with Data-Driven Continuous Improvement

Derek Lomas, Kishan Patel, John Stamper and Ken Koedinger

EdOptimize is a product and service that enables educational software companies to measure -- and measurably improve -- educational outcomes. EdOptimize "Efficacy Dashboard" transforms billions of rows of raw student activity data into clear, visual evidence for product efficacy. The "Efficacy Toolkit" empowers educational software companies to systematically drive improvements in learning, engagement and test efficacy.

HeragenHeragen: Delivering Breast Cancer Diagnostic Solutions

Naveen Chandramohan and Gerardo Ramirez

Heragen, Inc. is a molecular diagnostics company that will develop a 510(k) cleared FDA-approved invitro diagnostic (IVD) breast cancer recurrence test. Our goal is to provide prognostic as well as predictive information that will assist oncologists in making treatment decisions.



IAM Robotics, LLCIAM Robotics, LLC

Jean-Sebastien Valois

IAM Robotics vision is to manufacture robots that can see and think about how to manipulate everyday objects. We are initially focused on creating machines that can automate any warehouse, in a matter of days, without changing infrastructure.





iBreathe SportsiBreathe Sports: Play on Demand

Rohan Mukherji, Amir Kazemi, Apurva Alok, Mark Speare and Justin Derosa

iBreathe Sports, where sports meets technology. The Uber for recreational play. Game.Set.Match.On Demand.

Qualaris Healthcare Solutions, Inc.NREC: National Robotics Engineering Center: EMMA

Chris Moehle, Jean-Sebastien Valois and Drew Bagnell

The National Robotics Engineering Center is the advanced development and prototyping center for some of Carnegie Mellon's most advanced technology. In addition to its other exhibits (CHIMP, Visantica and IAM), this demo will showoff some of the center's most promising developmental technology, including an advanced software and computer vision suite that drives advanced, human-like manipulation with only minimal user inputs. This capability enables previously unreachable functionality across a number of markets, including prosthetics, assistive robotics and home robotics.

Open CurriculumOpenCurriculum

Varun Arora

OpenCurriculum is a website that allows teachers to remix curriculum like no other tool out there. One of YC's first nonprofit investments.






PECA LabsPECA Labs: Better Medical Devices for the Children Who Need Them Most

Doug Bernstein, Jamie Quinterno and Arush Kalra

PECA Labs is a medical device development company focused on rare pediatric cardiac disorders. Their first product is a heart valve that will help to save thousands of children every year from undergoing repeated open heart surgeries. The device with intra-operative construction has already shown greatly improved clinical results compared to any available option, has received HUD designation from FDA, and is expected to have full marketing approval within the next year.

PHRQLPHRQL, Inc.: Supermarket-Centered Health & Wellness That Works

Paul Sandberg and Kumaril Bhattacharya

Connect & Coach by PRHQL is helping your local supermarket become your partner in health, not just the place you buy groceries. Our technology is helping 240 supermarkets in 11 states increase sales 10-15% by engaging consumers in healthier choices. Come see how we have combined consumer marketing and health care, and why it addresses basic needs in two huge markets.

PieceMaker TechnologiesPieceMaker Technologies Inc.: The Factory in a Store

Arden Rosenblatt and Alejandro Sklar

PieceMaker Technologies has created the world first retail system which lets consumers personalize real products to their own exact specifications and then watch them made right in store. With PieceMaker’s Factory in a Store system, the entire supply chain is eliminated. This means custom products, on-demand, at unbeatably low prices, while maintaining healthy margins for store owners and PieceMaker.

ProgVizProgViz: Instant Replay for Financial Markets

David Lin and Margit Zwemer

ProgViz is the maker of LiquidLandscape, a real-time data infrastructure for ingesting live financial market data and making them accessible to market participants in a way that is fast, actionable and intuitive. It is described as "Instant Replay for Financial Markets" because ProgViz makes interacting with massive volumes of real time data as simple as watching videos-with the ability to detect market events and instantly replay them in visual context.

ProjectVisionProjectVision: #ResponsiveHealth

Shingai Samudzi

ProjectVision helps health insurers and care providers bridge the transition to a B2C market through data visualization and digital strategy; they analyze social media, government and private data to deliver insights that help improve patient acquisition, drive the creation of consumer-oriented healthcare services and improve patient satisfaction with their health outcomes.


Qualaris Healthcare Solutions, Inc.Qualaris Healthcare Solutions, Inc.

James Wolfe

Qualaris' SaaS helps healthcare providers to reduce adverse events, such as infections, falls and pressure ulcers and improve patient satisfaction. Qualaris' deployments require no in-house IT staff requirements, delivering enterprise improvement solutions in hours.







Satish Ramakrishnan and Santosh Bhavani

SemanticMD provides health analytics solutions for the radiology workflow to enhance radiologist productivity, reduce overall healthcare costs and improve quality of care for patients. SemanticMD developed a content-based patient search engine to accelerate and provide precision around the radiological image interpretation using computer vision and machine learning technologies.


SoluNova: Mobile Monitoring Station

Mauricio Contreras, Roberto Blum, Rodrigo Arenas and Eduardo Vera

SoluNova creates wearable technologies for industrial safety. The Mobile Monitoring Station, winner of 2013 Intel Global Challenge award, allows every worker to automatically report biomedical and environmental information of his surroundings to a centralized web service.


Tailored FitTailored Fit

Nathaniel Eliason, Zachary Bush, Leanna Verderese and Matthew Baker

Tailored Fit is the best way to discover clothing by developing the clothing genome project, a hybrid recommendation engine based on 1,200 clothing genes that can quickly learn your style in order to find the best clothing for you. You can do this on the Tailored Fit website, and on their mobile application when it rolls out.



C.H.I.M.PTartan Rescue: C.H.I.M.P

Eric Meyhofer, Clark Haynes, Herman Herman and Alonzo Kelly

In response to the Fukushima incident, DARPA launched its current Robotics Challenge to design the world's first automated first responder. To win this challenge, the NREC's Tartan Rescue team is pushing the state-of-the-art in all facets of robotics: mechanism design, high DOF planning, perception-enabled grasping, advanced mobility, and multi-limb manipulation. The result of these efforts is one of the most advanced robotic systems on the planet-CHIMP.




Trance: Social Dance Floor

Harper LaFave, Julien Altieri and Marwa Muhammad

Trance is a social network to watch, record and share dance videos. Dancing is beautiful, exciting and sexy; it’s the way our bodies visualize music. We are connecting people together through dance, whether you are moving or watching. We are the MTV for the mobile generation. Featured on TechCrunch.





David Bradley

Visantica develops revolutionary machine-learning based solutions for the AEC CAD space. This provides architects, engineers and designers with unparalleled object recognition and 3D modeling capabilities that heighten accuracy, speed throughput, and extend what is currently possible via software.





Matt Capizzi, Dennis Sprague and Arthur Hong

ZenRez is a SAAS mobile-booking platform that allows fitness studios to easily and effectively sell same day excess inventory. ZenRez offers a yield management software, a payment solution to accept credit cards and a pricing algorithm to help ensure studios charge the right price at the right time to maximize the profitability of each class.


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