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11:30 am to 1:00 pm (Part 1)

3:00 pm to 4:00 pm (Part 2, during Networking Reception)

2014 Exhibitors

AlgorithmiaAlgorithmia: Marketplace for Algorithms

Diego Oppenheimer and Kenny Daniel

Algorithmia is first marketplace for algorithms.




AppbaseAppbase Inc.: Build Realtime Apps with Appbase

Siddharth Kothari, Shannon Sullivan, Anuj Kumar and Sagar Chandarana

Appbase Inc. is a no-backend service for the next generation of apps. In the last 5 years, the number of web and mobile apps have grown to 5M, and continues to grow exponentially ($200B market cap by 2017), but the development costs haven't changed significantly. Appbase slashes the app development costs by 90%. Developers have made more than a million API calls since Appbase's private beta on September 10th.

BreathWiseBreatheWise: A Breath of Fresh Air in Oxygen Therapy

Eric Wise

In the United States alone, millions of people use or have been diagnosed with a condition that may cause them to use medical oxygen therapy, so even small reductions in oxygen use can result in major cost savings for insurers and patients. BreatheWise offers the only oxygen tank regulator that displays on a digital screen precisely how many minutes until a tank is empty and alerts the user with a discrete alarm. BreatheWise aims to improve patients’ interactions with oxygen therapy devices so they can worry less about changing tanks and focus more on enjoying life.

Carbon Freight CompanyThe Carbon Freight Company: The Future of Air Cargo

Glenn Philen and John Dieser

Carbon Freight is developing a composite air freight container that weighs 50% less than the market standard, significantly reducing fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions while increasing repairability.



CDL WarriorsCDL Warrior: Turning Trucking Industry on its Head

Jim Ruiz

CDL Warrior is a smart-device based productivity and communication platform for the North American trucking industry. By focusing on our mission to help truck drivers take back their time on the road, CDL Warrior is creating tools and services that uniquely solve the industry's biggest problem.


CollectedCollected: Uncover Your Best Work, As You Work

Steve Cotter

Collected suggests related content from your cloud accounts as you type. As you work in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Google Chrome and more, Collected unobtrusively delivers your most related files, snippets and slides to help you save time, reduce rework and get inspiration.



Kariithi Kilemi, Chester Jack, Mike Yang and Anton Razanav

ComVibe is an award-winning SaaS platform that helps real estate companies save up to 10% in property service costs, while delivering real-time feedback from their residents to help improve satisfaction by up to 30%. The platform is live and will be used to manage over 20,000 rental units by 2015.


Digest-O-MatDigest-O-Mat: Organic Nutrient Recovery

Jacob Douenias and Rohan Rathod

Digest-O-Mat provides smart urban waste management solutions. The Digest-O-Mat converts organics waste into cooking gas and fertilizer for restaurants and commercial food kitchens.



Digital Dream LabsDigital Dream Labs: Ludos: Plan - Program - Play

Justin Sabo, Matt Stewart, Peter Kinney, Aaron Clark and Joe Andrews

Started by CMU grad students with the mission to make the best learning experience possible, Digital Dream Labs has created toy hardware, called Ludos, that connects to tablets/computers to help school-aged boys and girls get introduced to STEM topics. Ludos are toy tiles which interact with engaging software based on topics like computer science, chemistry, music, coin counting and much more.

DISPLRDISPLR: A Social Media Service for Public Displays

Rui Jose, Bruno Silva and Pedro Barroso

DISPLR is a social media platform for public displays that enables venue owners to create and manage display systems as effective focal points for visitor engagement. Unlike existing Digital Signage software that serves closed display networks, DISPLR offers a turnkey solution to unlock the value of sharing the display with visitors, which can create and act on display media through the DISPLR mobile app, or with sponsoring third-parties, which can target specific venues with their own message.

Emerald TherapeuticsEmerald Therapeutics, Inc.: The Emerald Cloud Laboratory

D.J. Kleinbaum, Brian Frezza, Alex Yoshikawa and Sean Fitzgerald

Emerald Therapeutics, Inc. was founded in 2010 by two CMU alums with a singular vision of how a biotechnology company should run. The company's first product, the Emerald Cloud Laboratory, is a web-based life sciences laboratory that allows scientists to run experiments in a central lab from anywhere in the world.


Expii, Inc.Expii, Inc.: The Massive Open Online Collaboration

Po-Shen Loh and Ray Li

Expii empowers everybody to collaboratively create interactive expositions on high school subjects (currently math and science) on an open platform. Expii aims to crowdsource a one-stop destination filled with the world's most engaging, exciting and interactive expositions, which make difficult school subjects crystal clear. On top of this base, they are building a network of value added services.

FacioMetrics LLCFacioMetrics LLC: IntraFace

Fernando de la Torre, Francisco Vicente and Xavi Perez-Sala

FacioMetrics is a spin-off company from the Human Sensing Laboratory at Carnegie Mellon University. FacioMetrics LLC licenses technology for facial image analysis, in particular, face recognition, facial feature tracking, facial expression analysis and facial attributes (e.g., gender, ethnicity, age). Applications of the technology include (but are not limited to): retail sentiment analysis (measuring the consumer engagement with the product and seller), surveillance and market research analysis.


João Leitão, Vasco Moreira, Gonçalo Mendes and João Andrade

Followprice is an advanced digital marketing tool which, upon integrated on a an online store, allows customers to follow products and later be notified on followed product price changes, returning to the store.



IAM Robotics, LLCIAM Robotics

Tom Galluzzo, Vladimir Altman and Ricky Houghton

At IAM Robotics their passion is Intelligent Automated Manipulation. They make autonomous robots that can see and manipulate everyday objects so they can put those machines to work solving huge problems. IAM Robotics is using their intelligent manipulation technology to unlock a billion dollar opportunity: rapid automation of product picking in distribution centers.


Identified TechnologiesIdentified Technologies: Scalable and Autonomous Aerial Data Capture

Dick Zhang, Steven Blass and Jeff Black

Identified Technologies delivers faster, safer and more frequent data to energy and construction companies using a proprietary Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, UAV and dock system. Their unique platform flies, swaps batteries and manages data in the cloud by itself. Unlike other competitors that require human operators, Identified Technologies enables data capture with drones at a previously unimaginable scale on remote sites.

InnovescaInnovesca: Impacting Global Nutrition Through Food Innovation

Mary Beth Wilson

Innovesca is a food innovation company that develops processing technologies to naturally unlock a food’s nutritional benefits. Through their core technology, Innovesca takes nutritious plants that already exist in developing regions but go to waste, such as amaranth leaves, and manufacture ingredients with optimized nutrition for the functional food market. This research was developed initially at Carnegie Mellon University and has
been funded by the Gates Foundation and the National Science Foundation.

Jetpack WorkflowJetpack Workflow: Client Relationship Management for Non-Salespeople

David Cristello and Miha Plohl

Jetpack Workflow is reinventing how CRM is used in service based business. Rather than focusing on sales oriented individuals, Jetpack Workflow focus on Recurring Client Management (RCM), and provides cloud based software for professional service firms, such as Accounting & Bookkeeping. They are an Alphalab Alum, have launched and have dozens of paying firms on board.


LifeShelLifeShel: Whistl Smartphone Case for a Safer Community

Jayon Wang, Alan Fu and Siri Ramos

LifeShel products crowd-source community safety, through prevention hardware and a user-based responder network. Their mission statement is: To build beautiful high-quality products that help our customers live happier lives. LifeShel’s first product, the Whistl case, aims to deter domestic violence and prevent sexual assault in our communities by lowering technology barriers for reporting crimes and creating better user-to-user and user-police connections.

LumiShieldLumiShield Technologies: The LumiShield Process: Green Anti-Corrosion Coatings for a Brighter Future

David Richard Luebke and Hunaid Nulwala

Lumishield Technologies provides corrosion-resistant electrodeposited aluminum coatings for vulnerable metals (steel, iron). Cadmium and chromium coatings currently dominate the market for many industrial applications. Both metals are known to be highly toxic and environmentally-damaging with alternatives being sought immediately. Lumishield’s process has the potential to provide similar or better corrosion protection and surface properties with lower price point to the current technologies without any issues of toxicity or environmental disposal.

NebulusNebulus: Bringing Musicians Together in the Cloud

Robert Kotcher, Kyle Henson, Luke Schenker, Andrew Russell and Nick Coronado

Nebulus is a web-based audio production platform that combines the music production tools of GarageBand with the collaborative tools of Google Docs. They are growing a community of users centered around making music collaboratively to provide a holistic online music production experience that was technologically impossible just six months ago.


NetBeezNetBeez, Inc.

Stefano Gridelli, Panayiotis Neophytou and Panagiotis Vouzis

NetBeez is a network and application monitoring solution that captures the user experience allowing a company’s IT help desk to be aware of issues prior to receiving the call from its users/customers. Their platform is used every day by many customers to reduce time to detection and repair of network outages. NetBeez makes IT more efficient and resilient, minimizing operating costs and duration of network downtime.

PieceMaker TechnologiesPieceMaker Technologies Inc.: The Factory in a Store

Arden Rosenblatt and Alejandro Sklar

PieceMaker’s proprietary Factory in a Store is the first direct design-to-fabrication system, enabling all consumers to design and manufacture custom products right in their local store using a simple and engaging touchscreen kiosk. Recently, CNBC named the system one of the top trending technologies of 2014. The company has signed up a waitlist of retail locations across the country, and their Factory in a Store has become the most profitable section of a premier toy store.

RistCallRistCall LLC: Wearable Nurse Call Bell System for Healthcare

Srinath Vaddepally, Spurthi Gundoji and Yicheng Bai

RistCall helps hospitals improve patient safety and satisfaction by updating traditional wall mounted nurse call bell systems with wearable devices to reduce costs and maximize revenues. They focus on helping hospitals to reduce falls and improve patient experience by decreasing call bell response time and capturing point of care feedback in realtime.


Romeo DeliversRomeo Delivers

Anne Lopez

Romeo Delivers is making it easier than ever to show you care in the most thoughtful and creative ways for any occasion and in any relationship. After a year of testing and iterating, they are preparing to launch an integrated solution utilizing software and physical products that will allow their members to customize and order their products from a mobile device, making the process of expressing yourself easier and more unique than ever.

TreatspaceTreatspace: Transition of Care Innovation

Rick Cancelliere and Alexander Liu

Treatspace is reinventing transition of care between primary care and specialty practices.



WeTruckWeTruck: Empower Trucks

Bruno Filipe Azevedo Costa, José Ricardo Sousa Soares, Rodrigo Manuel Marinho Pires, Justino Miguel Neto de Sousa, Adriano da Silva Carvalho and José Ferreira Duarte

WeTruck solution enhances energy costs efficiency in heavy and medium duty vehicles by providing renewable energy to different electric systems.
WeTruck product is a portable and noninvasive electric kit capable of producing, recovering and storing energy on board of the vehicle that supplies complementary systems, reducing 87% in fuel consumption, noise and CO2 emissions.


Joao Rodrigues and Joao Neiva

The long queues and waiting time at checkout lines are a key factor in customer satisfactions, and effectively represent a high cost for retailers worldwide. XHOCKWARE’s project YouBeep, is a patented new checkout system, compatible with every existing checkout, and available free to anyone with a smartphone, allowing shoppers to checkout a full shopping cart, pay and leave the store in under a minute.


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The 2014 CMU Launch event was a great event for us. We were able to connect with prospective investors, many of which were from outside the region. In addition, it was inspiring to interact with other Founders and see the breadth of innovation being driven by students and alumni of CMU.

-Jim Ruiz, Founder and CEO, CDL Warrior, Developed by Next Gauge, Inc.

Launch CMU gave us the right platform to find investors. By branding the event as Roboburgh, it attracted people that understand how much robotics companies can be profitable. That allowed us to find truly motivated investors. I approve this message for posting.

-Tom Galluzzo, CEO, IAM Robotics

Emerald Therapeutics

Digital Dream Labs

CDL Warriors

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Expii, Inc.