Demo & Poster Session-Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship - Carnegie Mellon University

Demo & Poster Session

12:30 pm-2:00 pm, University Center, Rangos 3

Open to the public

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Come see emerging technologies, products and services, including ones from Project Olympus PROBEs, Swartz Entrepreneurial Fellows, the Open Field Entrepreneurs Fund, Traffic 21/UTC, Quality of Life Technology Center, Disruptive Health Technologies Institute, Innovation Works and others.


Acrinta: Employee Wellness

Ashton Thomas and Joel Geiger

Acrinta lets employees choose the activities they enjoy while promoting gradual improvements. It doesn't matter where you start and we never compare individuals. We use relative improvements keeping your health status and activities private. Each day, individuals have an opportunity to achieve their own personal target which changes with them.

ActivAided Orthotics

ActivAided Orthotics: Restore Posture, Relieve Pain

Kelly Collier

ActivAided Orthotics' first product is RecoveryAid, posture training apparel designed to rehabilitate back pain by correcting the underlying biomechanics and poor posture that initially lead to and perpetuate a back injury. RecoveryAid uses tactile, tangible cues built into an easy to wear shirt that teaches the patient to hold proper spine alignment and conditions the muscles over time to keep that good posture as a habit.


Baloonr: A New Platform for Anonynous Content and Ideas

Noah Bornstein and Amanda Greenberg

The majority of internet users access social networking sites, but studies have shown that these social media platforms cause anxiety, low self-esteem, boredom, and drama, and raise concerns about privacy. We see an opportunity and have a solution, and that's why we're building Baloonr: an anxiety-free place to anonymously share original content and ideas for review.


Environmental Sensors for Everyone

Joshua Schapiro, Trystan Magnuson, Jessica Pachuta

The CREATE Lab has been developing a series of environmental monitors for measuring air and water quality. They can be used in homes, academic, and professional settings.

Cueing Kitchen

Dan Ding, Daniel Osakue

Cueing kitchen is a smart environment with embedded sensors and a robotic manipulator, which are designed to assist people with cognitive and physical limitations to complete common kitchen tasks.

anti biofilm surface

Development of Anti-biofilm Surface Coatings Based on Long-wavelength Photosensitizers

Hannah Kim, Jigar Desai, N. Luisa Hiller, Frederick Lanni and Aaron P. Mitchell

Microbial biofilm growth on implanted medical hardware is a source of persistent infection in post-operative patients, and biofilm cells are not cleared by the immune system or systemic antibiotics in these patients. This proposal focuses on suppression of the initial step of biofilm formation as it would occur in the post-op patient – the growth of adherent microbes on the surfaces of newly implanted medical hardware. Our approach is to develop a surface coating for implantable objects that contains a long-wavelength photosensitizer dye in non-releasable form.

digital dream labs

Digital Dream Labs: cloudBoard

Peter Kinney, Justin Sabo and Matt Stewart

Digital Dream Labs presents cloudBoard, which brings playtime back to the real world by combining videogames that kids love with toy blocks that you remember from your own childhood.

first person vision

First Person Vision: Multi-Camera POV System with Passive Gaze Tracking

Brendan McManus

FPV’s advanced video technology captures actual first-person perspective. FPV uses multiple cameras, enabling a computer to "see" what, who, and where a person is looking. The forward-looking camera(s) captures the person’s full visual field, while the second set of cameras uses eye tracking software to indicate where the individual is looking (gazing).

Harry Potter's Marauder's Map: Localizing and Tracking Multiple Persons-of-Interest in Surveillance Scenarios

Alexander Hauptmann and Shoou-I Yu, Yi Yang

A device just like Harry Potter’s Marauder’s Map, which pinpoints the location of each person-of-interest at all times, provides invaluable information for the analysis of surveillance videos. To tackle this problem, Harry Potter's Marauder's Map proposes a multi-camera multi-object tracking algorithm which utilizes cues such as appearance, person detection and face recognition in a nonnegative discretization optimization framework. Experiments show that our algorithm performs robust localization and tracking of multiple persons-of-interest in a complex indoor real-world nursing home environment.


Innovesca: Impacting Global Nutrition through Food Innovation

Mary Beth Wilson

Innovesca is a food technology company developing high quality, all natural ingredients with optimized nutrition from underutlized vegetables grown in developing countries. Our processing methods unlock the inherent nutrients found in whole foods to maximize nutrient release and absorption. Our technology was funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.


LightSide: Better, faster writing assessment

Elijah Mayfield and David Adamson

At Lightside we're building the future of writing in education. Our machine learning tools instantly evaluate student writing, giving immediate feedback to students throughout the writing process. Teachers give the final grade, and can focus their time on the students who need personalized help most. We're now seeking pilot participant schools for direct access to this technology in Spring 2014.

Monitoring Parkinson's Disease Symptoms

Ada Zhang; Fernando De la Torre; Jessica Hodgins

Parkinson's Disease (PD) affects 7-10 million people worldwide and its symptoms (tremor and stiffness, for example) result in greatly decreased quality of life. Because PD medication causes severe side effects, doctors must carefully control the dosage and manage the trade-off between symptoms and side effects. To do this, doctors meet with their patients every 3-6 months and rely on self-reports, which are often largely inaccurate. We are working on a system of wearable devices that automatically detects the occurrence and severity of PD symptoms. In this way, accurate reports of a patient's response to PD medication can be given to their doctors, in turn enabling the doctors to determine the correct dosage of medication for each of their patients.


Data-Based, On-Road Driving Evaluations: A Pilot Demonstration of NAViSection

Nahom Beyene, Amy Lane, Aaron Steinfeld, Rory Cooper

NAVITY is a venture to enhance driver licensing decisions with intelligent vehicles. We link technologies advancing driver evaluation, training, and safety for people seeking to obtain or retain a driver's license. Our system captures steering, braking, and verbal cue assistance by a professional driving evaluator using activity recorders and embedded sensing in the evaluation vehicle.


A customizable navigational assistant for the visually impaired

Satish Ravishankar, M Bernardine Dias. Associated: Ermine A Teves, M Beatrice Dias

NavPal has the ability to independently navigate new environments, indoors and outdoors, has the potential to radically improve the quality of life of the visually impaired. This project seeks to develop a smart-phone based navigational aid for the blind that is low cost and user friendly.


NetBeez: User-centric Network Monitoring

Panickos Neophytou, Panos Vouzis, Stefano Gridelli and Allison Jones

NetBeez is a proactive monitoring solution that relies on distributed monitoring agents to replicate user interaction with the network and its applications. NetBeez allows companies to minimize service interruptions and improve the quality of their network services, which translates into large cost savings and improved delivery of business services.


PECA Labs: We Save Live That Others Ignore

Doug Bernstein, Jamie Quinterno, Arush Kalra

PECA Labs is commercializing the MASA Valve, a novel synthetic valved conduit for a rare pediatric reconstructive procedure. We utilize a lean business, special regulatory exemptions, and surgical collaboration to bring life-saving products to niche markets.


PHRQL: Improving Health Outcomes and Customer Loyalty

Paul Sandberg

PHRQL (Freckle) helps supermarket retailers increase profits while making customers healthier. We are taking nutrition counseling out of the hospital environment and shifting it to the community. Our Connect and Coach platform is a hybrid clinical nutrition counseling and marketing analytics tool that helps supermarket retailers deliver nutrition counseling services to customers, get reimbursed by insurers, measure change in consumer shopping behavior.


PieceMaker 3D Printing System

Arden Rosenblatt & Alejandro Sklar

The PieceMaker 3D Printing System is a complete end-to-end solution to bring 3D printing into the stores we visit everyday. We will be showing and explaining our consumer interface concept where customers can browse, edit and purchase from a range of printable goods, as well as the 3D printer, software and services that allow stores to print and deliver goods on-demand.


Cooperative Airboats for Environmental Monitoring

Paul Scerri, Prasanna Velagapudi, Balajee Kannan, Abhinav Valada, Christopher Tomaszewski, John Scerri, and George Kantor

Our low cost robotic watercraft autonomously create detailed spatiotemporal maps of water quality parameters such as specific conductivity, dissolved oxygen, temperature and pH. With solar-powered recharging stations, our boats can be deployed in water bodies 24/7 for months at a time, streaming daily water information to the cloud and dramatically changing the costs of collecting longtitudinal data about areas of water. At a fraction of the cost of manual data collection, we provide you with accurate water information for scientific, environmental, standards compliance and educational purposes. Our multi-agent platform can monitor expansive and diverse areas which would be time and cost prohibitive using traditional means.


Quality of Life Technology Center

Scott Beach and Richard Schulz

QoLT is an NSF-sponsored Engineering Research Center focused on the development of intelligent systems that improve quality of life for everyone while enabling older adults and people with disabilities. The QoLT Center addresses the needs and activities of everyday living by prototyping personal and assistive robots, cognitive and behavioral virtual coaches, safe mobility and driver assistance technologies, and human health and wellness monitoring.

Quantitative Medicine

Quantitative Medicine: Improving Efficiency of Pharmaceutical Research Using Active Machine Learning

Joshua Kangas 

Quantitative Medicine is a computational biology company commercializing advanced analytics technologies that reduce the amount of research required in the initial phases of drug discovery. Our machine learning system directs experimentation across numerous targets, gathering the most essential information to dramatically reduce the costs and risks of drug discovery.


QuantMD: Empowering Physicians with Physics to See Standard Medical Images Differently

Prahlad G. Menon

QuantMD, LLC is a Pittsburgh-based medical imaging analysis company with a global outreach that has developed its proprietary Healthcare Enhancement through Robust Algorithmic Diagnosis of medical images, to be used for early and non-invasive cardiovascular disease diagnostics, surgical planning and interventional guidance.

romeo delivers

ROMEO DELIVERS: Romantic Toolkits for Men

Anne Lopez

Romeo Delivers is a one-click commitment to show the one you love that you care -- every month. Members receive romantic toolkits on a monthly basis. Each uniquely themed toolkit is full of instructions and supplies to assemble and customize for your sweetheart.


Rubitection: A Device to Evaluate Tissue Health for Early Bedsore Detection

Sanna Gaspard

Rubitection is a biotech startup that is developing a low-cost disruptive tool, the Rubitect Assessment System, for early bedsore detection. Rubitection aims to launch into the market within the next 2 years to sell the product initially to the hospital market and later into the long term care and home care market.


SemanticMD: Content-based Patient Search Engine for Radiologists

Santosh Bhavani and Satish Ramakrishnan

SemanticMD provides a content-based patient search engine to aid radiologists in annotating patient images and determining groups of similar patients based on a unified view of patient data. SemanticMD also addresses the fragmented radiology IT structure by integrating the three major medical imaging data sources: radiological annotations, patient images, and patient health records.

smart automotive headlight

Smart Automotive Headlight Development: Smart Headlights for Safe Driving

Robert Tamburo, Srinivasa Narasimhan, Anthony Rowe, Mei Chen, Eriko Nurvitadhi and Vivek Umapathi

Smart Automotive Headlight Development is redesigning the vehicular headlight so that it can be programmed to simultaneously perform many tasks such as improving visibility in poor weather conditions, allowing high-beam operation without glaring any driver on the road and making the road and lane visible.


SparkMeter: Low-cost Electricity Smart Meters

Daniel Schnitzer

Central grid utilities, local initiatives, social entrepreneurs and global institutions around the world are striving to expand electricity access, yet sustainable business models to deliver grid-level electricity to these populations remain rare. The SparkMeter metering system enables grid operators to implement pre-payment as well as real-time monitoring and control to improve their ability to deliver electricity to low-income customers.

sole power

SolePower, LLC

Matthew Stanton, Hahna Alexander, Elliot Kahn, Davit Davitian

SolePower is a startup commercializing power-generating shoe insoles for charging portable electronics, such as cell phones and GPS devices, while the user walks. The device captures the energy in the compression phase of a person's step and converts it into electrical energy which is stored for later use. SolePower’s goal is to provide customers with a reliable and efficient energy system that will provide a solution to people’s mobile energy needs.


Treatspace: Clinical Referrals, Engagement and Collaboration

Rick Cancelliere

Accountable Care, Health Reform and the HITECH Act are driving the adoption of new health technologies. Treatspace marries referral management, patient engagement and clinical collaboration onto a single platform and delivers a social-similar experience users understand how to use.


ZenRez: Right Class, Right Price

Matt Capizzi and Veronica Zheng

ZenRez is creating a mobile app-based, dynamic-pricing platform for buying and selling empty seats in yoga studios. You can think of us as the HotelTonight for the yoga industry.

Playpower Labs, Derek Lomas

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