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Welcome to Carnegie Mellon University!

We are very pleased that you’ve chosen to pursue your graduate degree in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University this Fall. While the next few months may be a bit stressful, it will be also very exciting as you make plans for your new adventure at Carnegie Mellon University. We have provided answers and/or links to the most commonly asked questions with the hope that this information will help to ease any concerns and stress that you may have. Please note that some of the university links mentioned below have not yet been updated with the new semester information, so please do check back throughout the summer.

Is there a New Student Orientation program?

Are the orientations mandatory?

What do I do once I arrive in Pittsburgh?

What is "The Hub"?

When do classes start? Where can I find the official academic calendar?

Where can I find the Fall 2013 course listings?

What are the MS and PhD course requirements?

When will advisor assignments be made?

May I contact my advisor prior to arriving to campus?

When and how do I register for classes?

May I register for courses before speaking with my advisor?

What textbooks do I need?

What are the academic year tuition and fees?

When do I need to pay my bill? May I pay by credit card or wire transfer?

What do I need to do to apply for financial aid?

I have an outside sponsor. What instructions do I need to provide to them?

Where can I find information about student health insurance? Am I required to carry the student health insurance offered through the university? Do I need to sign-up for student health insurance?

What is the medical health history report? Is it required? What are the immunization requirements, and what if I don’t have the required immunizations?

Are my I-20 documents complete? When will my I-20 be processed?

How can I find out about on-campus jobs?

Are research assistants permitted to have outside employment?

What are the TA requirements for research assistants?

Are there any other requirements for incoming research assistants?

Are course MS students eligible for a paid TA assignment?

What are the Service Project options?

Is on campus housing available to graduate students?

How can I find a roommate?

How can I find temporary housing?

I am an international student who would like to improve my English prior to joining the program. What does Carnegie Mellon have to offer?

Where and when do I send my final transcript?

Should I purchase a computer?

How can I connect with current and incoming students during this transition period?

What else do I need to know?