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Mechanics, Materials and Computing

The program is intended to provide a background and fundamental skills in mechanics, materials and computing (MMC). MMC has emerged as a new discipline involving a coordinated blend of insightful modeling of a wide variety of physical phenomena with the development of appropriate computational methods. With mechanics, mathematics, and scientific computing as its foundation, it addresses the numerical simulation of solid and fluid mechanical and thermal phenomena with a view toward the analysis and optimum design of engineering systems. One also seeks to gain a better understanding and characterization of complex physical phenomena which are difficult, if not impossible, to study by alternative approaches.

The design and functionality of existing materials used in structural, energy, and sensing applications, the design of new materials providing targeted structural and electrical functionality, the design of earthquake-resilient structures and materials, and the prediction of natural disasters like earthquakes and landslides all require a fundamental understanding of the mechanics of crystalline, granular and amorphous materials under normal and extreme conditions. The MMC group carries out world-class research and education focused on the scientific understanding and practical application of the emergent complex behavior of materials through computer simulation techniques for the analysis of deformation, flow and failure of natural and engineered materials.

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MMC Faculty

Pictured is the MMC Faculty Group: from left to right: Craig Maloney, Jacobo Bielak, Amit Acharya, and Kaushik Dayal.