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Environmental Engineering, Science and Management 

The interactions of fundamental physical, chemical and biological processes have given rise to the unique diversity, complexity, and tenacity of Planet Earth and its inhabitants.  Acute or protracted environmental change, whether global or local, natural or anthropogenic, present a grand challenge to scientists and engineers and necessitate a coordinated, multi-disciplinary effort to identify and understand these changes and help define our role in the stewardship of Planet Earth.

The Environmental Engineering Science and Management (EESM) program in CEE at Carnegie Mellon is a comprehensive course of graduate study that addresses the macro-, micro- and nano-scale issues related to protection and restoration of air, soil and water quality, green product and process design, and environmental sustainability.

Graduate courses and research opportunities exist in climate change; sustainable engineering; alternative energy; urban watersheds; fundamental physical, chemical and biological processes in environmental systems and treatment processes; energy management; sustainable infrastructure; computational modeling on molecular and global scales; air quality; environmental microbiology and biotechnology; nanoscience and technology. Multidisciplinary education and research is emphasized, including opportunities for integrated field and laboratory studies.

EESM at Carnegie Mellon represents the next generation of interdisciplinary education and research in environmental science and engineering. EESM brings together forward-looking faculty with the requisite experience for coordinated interdisciplinary approaches towards research, education, and outreach. Through campus-wide, interdepartmental collaborative research and education, students from EESM emerge with novel perspectives and cutting edge skills directed towards environmental stewardship and sustainability of the uniqueness in Planet Earth.

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Pictured is the EESM Faculty Group: from left to right: Scott Matthews, Mitch Small, Kelvin Gregory, David Dzombak, Cliff Davidson, Greg Lowry, Jeanne VanBriesen, Chris Hendrickson and Peter Adams. Not pictured: Christopher Weber