EESM Facilities-Civil and Environmental Engineering - Carnegie Mellon University

Environmental Engineering, Science and Management


facilitiesThe Environmental Engineering Science and Management Laboratories at Carnegie Mellon University are among the most advanced in the world. EESM research takes place within state of the art facilities for organic and inorganic contaminant analyses, process evaluation, environmental and molecular microbiology, ultra clean processes, environmental electrochemistry, high temperature biology, apparatus and prototype fabrications. The analytical lab, housed centrally at the Hauck Laboratory is equipped with the latest analytical instrumentation for conducting environmental analysis of trace organic and inorganic analytes. Individual and group laboratories have tailor-made facilities for conduction state-of-the-art research in environmental chemistry and microbiology, interfacial process dynamics, hazardous substance treatment and control, soil physics and groundwater and atmospheric modeling, biological and physical-chemical water treatment processes, and soil and groundwater remediation processes. Additional instrumentation for air quality research is housed in the Center for Atmospheric Particle Studies (CAPS). The CAPS laboratories in Doherty Hall include a large number of state-of-the-art gas and particle monitors, a wealth of modern analytical equipment, a smog chamber with sophisticated controls and measurement capabilities, and contamination-controlled clean laboratories.

The Carnegie Mellon Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering maintains a sophisticated computing infrastructure that includes PC workstations for every graduate student and faculty member, and access to advanced university computing resources. The Department also supports a full-time staff member, as well as student assistants, to maintain and upgrade the computing infrastructure. Carnegie Mellon is a lead collaborator in the Pittsburgh Supercomputer Center, and these resources can also be accessed for research tasks if necessary.