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Graduate Degree Programs

The Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at Carnegie Mellon offers a unique interdisciplinary program that enables students to develop imaginative solutions to real world engineering problems. With access to cutting-edge research and technology, high achieving, energetic and approachable faculty members, and an innovative and flexible curriculum, we consistently rank among the top engineering programs by US News and World Report.

Focus Areas

The department offers graduate programs at the MS and PhD levels in three focus areas in which we have established both educational and research strengths:

Advanced Infrastructure Systems (AIS)

The AIS education and research area focuses on the exploration and application of emerging Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) to improve the design, construction and operations of infrastructure systems. 

Environmental Engineering Sustainability and Science (EESS)

The EESS education and research area focuses on air quality, water quality, remediation, industrial ecology, sustainable engineering, energy and environment, and environmental nanotechnology. This focus area is designed to provide skills, analysis tools, and technologies to meet contemporary environmental stewardship and sustainability challenges. 

Mechanics, Materials and Computing (MMC)

The MMC education and research area focuses on the scientific understanding and practical application of the emergent complex behavior of materials through computer simulation techniques for the analysis of the deformation, flow and failure of natural and engineered materials. 

Our graduate programs maintain a commitment to excellence in education and research, and offer additional advantages that serve the needs of our students. 


Students are able to develop an individually focused program with their faculty advisors, and are encouraged to pursue studies in line with their professional interests and goals. These tailored programs may be directed toward more fundamental engineering science, or more applied engineering design or development, depending on the career goals of the individual student. We also encourage students from a variety of educational backgrounds to pursue graduate study in our department.

A Supportive Educational Community

We provide study and meeting space for all of our graduate students. Doctoral students are assigned a desk in the department and are also provided a personal computer after completing their doctoral qualifying examination. All offices and communal spaces have personal or shared computers connected to the campus and worldwide network. 

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Tim Lee
CEE alumnus Tim C. Lee, who earned his MS in Environmental Engineering from CMU in 2009, is now working for Disney to reduce the company’s environmental impact around the world.



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Second year CEE PhD student Lauren Strahs spent six weeks in Israel with support from the Intergrative Graduate Education Research Fellowship (IGERT) program. 



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