Chris Hendrickson-Civil and Environmental Engineering - Carnegie Mellon University

Chris Hendrickson

Duquesne Light University Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Civil & Environmental Engineering
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3890
Office: 123J Porter Hall
Phone: 412-268-1066
Fax: 412-268-7813

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Research Groups: AISEESS 
Research Centers: GDICEICCEDM


Ph.D. 1978, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Areas of Interest

  • Computer-aided engineering
  • Transportation systems
  • Construction project management
  • Environmental systems

Book Publications

Hendrickson, C., and Matthews, H.S. (2011) “Civil Systems Planning, Investment and Pricing,”  (this is an updated and generalized version of Wohl and Martin 1984.)

Hendrickson, C.T., Lave, L.B., Matthews, H.S., Horvath, A., Joshi, S., McMichael, F.C., MacLean, H., Cicas, G., Matthews, D., and Bergerson, J. (2006) “Environmental Life Cycle Assessment of Goods and Services: An Input-Output Approach,” Resources for the Future.

Fenves, S., Flemming, U., Hendrickson, C., Maher, M., Quadrel, R., Terk, M., and Woodbury, R. (1993) “Concurrent Computer-Integrated Building Design,” Prentice-Hall. (Reviewed in ASCE J. of Architectural Engineering, Sept. 1995).

Hendrickson, C., and Au, T. (1989) “Project Management for Construction,” Prentice-Hall, New York  

Other Editions and Authorized Translations:  

  • Hendrickson, C.T. (2000) “Project Management for Construction,” (2ndedition),
  • Chinese Translation: Higher Education Press, 2005.
  • Farsi Translation: M.T. Bankie, 1995
  • Spanish Translation: Diego Arturo L. de Ortigosa, 1994.

Zozaya-Gorostiza, C., Hendrickson, C., and Rehak, D. (1989) “Knowledge Based Process Planning for Construction and Manufacturing,” Academic Press, Cambridge, MA.

Wohl, M. and Hendrickson, C. (1984) “Transportation Investment and Pricing Principles,” John Wiley and Sons, New York.

Recent Awards

  • 2012: named University Professor at Carnegie Mellon, the highest academic distinction university faculty members can achieve.
  • 2011: elected to the National Academy of Engineering for leadership and contributions in transportation and green design engineering. Election to the National Academy of Engineering is among the highest professional distinctions accorded to an engineer.
  • 2009: honored with Carnegie Mellon's Faculty Service Award, given by the Alumni Association in recognition of his commitment to the support, education and mentorship of Civil and Environmental Engineering alumni.