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Friday, April 14, 2017

Three CEE Faculty Awarded SEED Grants

Three CEE faculty were named as 2017 recipients of the Scott Institute’s annual Seed Grants for Energy Research, which support CMU faculty research in the areas of energy, environment, and policy. The Institute makes small awards in the range $10 – 75K to individuals or small groups to seed research which will lead to externally funded projects.

  • CEE Professor Constantine Samaras with Professors Jeremy Michalek (MechE and EPP) and Inês Azevedo (EPP) will examine the impact of autonomous taxis and shared mobility services such as Uber and Lyft on energy consumption, vehicle use, and greenhouse gas and criteria air pollutant emissions.
  • Professors Athanasios Karamalidis (CEE) and Newell Washburn (CHEM) will conduct research necessary to develop a continuously operating, small-scale field-ready separation system that can be deployed at sites that produce waste water—such as gas operations, geothermal utilities, coal power plant effluents, and more—and extract rare earth elements from the water produced. These elements are necessary for the development of current and next-generation green energy technologies.
  • Professors Meagan Mauter (CEE and EPP) and Jay Whitacre (EPP) will create a Concurrent Assessment and Design of Systems (CADS) platform for assessment of the complex intersections between policy, technology, and human responses to system perturbation in climate change mitigation and adaptation.