Dayal Receives Acta Student Award-Civil and Environmental Engineering - Carnegie Mellon University

Dayal Receives Acta Student Award


CEE Professor Kaushik Dayal has been selected to receive an annual Acta Student Award for his primary contribution to the manuscript, "A real space non-local phase-field model of ferroelectric domain patterns in complex geometries", Acta Materialia 55, 2007: 1907-1917, written while he was a graduate student. Prof. Dayal joined the CEE Department in January 2008. 

Subhash Mahajan, the Coordinating Editor of Acta Journals, wrote in the award letter that "the field of nominees was again very impressive this year, and the task of selecting a winner was challenging. Not only did [Prof. Dayal's] paper demonstrate exceptional value to the materials community, but [his] personal credentials and recommendations were also exemplary." Acta only makes two of these awards each year.

The award will be presented to Prof. Dayal at the Materials Science & Technology Conference in Pittsburgh in October 2008.