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These pages present a panoramic view of the academically challenging yet thrilling life as a graduate student. Navigate  through the links provided on the left to get an insight of this vibrant community at Carnegie Mellon University.


In April 2011, graduate students from across campus, including the CEE Department, came together to paint the fence for the first time in many years!

Painting the Fence is a time-honored tradition at Carnegie Mellon. The Fence is the unofficial campus billboard. Any student or group can paint the Fence, but there are some strict rules: The Fence must be painted between midnight and sunrise, in its entirety, using only paintbrushes. If you don't want your message painted over, the Fence must be guarded around the clock. Guarding the Fence is definitely a bonding experience, where groups of students camp out in tents overnight and enjoy a cookout on the Cut during the day, so their messages can be seen by all. The original wooden fence was in the Guinness Book of World Records as the "most painted object in the world." In 1993, it collapsed under its own weight and was replaced with the concrete fence standing today. It's estimated that there are four inches of paint on the new Fence already!


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