AECM - Joint Degree Program with School of Architecture-Civil and Environmental Engineering - Carnegie Mellon University

AECM - Joint Degree Program with School of Architecture

The Architecture-Engineering Construction Management (AECM) program is an interdisciplinary degree administered by the School of Architecture and involving studies in both Architecture and Civil and Environmental Engineering.  The program aims to prepare building delivery professionals – civil engineers, construction planners, facility managers, developers, architects, planners, landscape architects, interior designers, and other building consultants – for careers in decision making that can have a positive impact on economic, environmental, and ethical concerns through the management of design, construction, maintenance, and use of facilities. The program is intended for young professionals who are prepared to take a year off from their employment or for recent graduates who are looking to diversify their qualifications prior to entering the job market. The program is structured to fit either a 9-month (two semesters) or a 16-month (three semesters + summer) time frame for those with or without prior professional experience respectively. Applications to the AECM program are submitted through the School of Architecture.

Program Administrators

Dr. Omer Akin
Dr. Susan Finger
Dept. of Architecture
Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Margaret Morrison Hall 404
Porter Hall 119
Phone: 412-268-3594
Phone: 412-268-8828
Email: oa04@andrew.cmu.eduEmail:

Nine month format (96 units) - for professionals with experience

    * Fall: 36 units Core, 12 units Elective
    * Spring: 36 units Advanced, 12 units Project

Three semesters format (96 units) - for recent graduates with no work experience

    * Fall: 36 units Core
    * Spring: 36 units Advanced
    * Summer: Internship (placement in local management positions with pay)
    * Second year, Fall: 12 units Project and 12 units Elective