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The Sherman and Joyce Bowie Scott Hall will be the newest addition to the Carnegie Mellon University Campus.  The 100K SF building will house wet and dry laboratories, collaborative and office spaces, a cafe, and a 10K SF cleanroom facility.  This will become the new home for Nano Fabrication, Wilton E. Scott Institute for Energy Innovation, and it will provide an on campus location for the Biomedical Engineering Department.  This distribution will create a local hub for CIT.


mall view mall view noted

Scott Hall will be comprised of two unique components, the North Wing and the Courtyard.  The North Wing will be an elevated multi-story structure built on the hillside between Wean and Roberts Halls which is a major crossroads for campus infrastructure.  While the Courtyard will be a surface level structure built in the service space between Hamerschlag, Porter, and Wean Halls.

The Courtyard structure will incorporate a green roof and walk-way which will extend the historic Hornbostel Mall to the North Wing.  Here, a centrally located cafe will become a vibrant gathering space for the entire University.  The new space will enrich the campus fabric and strengthen connectivity by linking four major buildings, Hamerschlag, Porter, Roberts and Wean Halls.  

View from Mall ruge atrium

common stair commons lower floor

marquee conference room

The project is scheduled to finish in 2016.

Campus Connections

Picture below shows campus connections after Scott Hall's construction completion. As shown in the picture, Porter Hall, Hamerschlag Hall, Roberts Hall and Wean Hall will be connected together by Scott Hall.


Team Members

Campus Design & Facility Development will be working in coordination with the following companies to execute this project smoothly. 


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