FAQ's-Campus Design and Facility Development - Carnegie Mellon University


Q:  When will construction begin, and when will the building finish?

A:  Certain site exploration activities started in March 2012.  Cleanroom construction will be completed summer 2016. North Wing offices and labs, cafe, and project public spaces are occupied. Hamerschlag Drive and Roberts Loading Dock are open to public.

Q:  Will noise from construction affect the occupants of the surrounding buildings?

A:  CDFD and the construction firm will do our best to schedule outside of class times.  We will try to utilize early mornings, nights, and weekends as much as possible so that we do not disturb the occupants.  However, there may be some compromises to the scheduling hours.

Q:  What work will be done on the interior of the surrounding buildings?

A:  We plan to create new connections with existing buildings on the site.  We will need to create openings and reorganize some spaces to create proper circulation and egress paths.  This work will be done with regard to the occupants’ schedule.  We aim to utilize early mornings, nights, and weekends as frequently as possible so we keep the disturbance to a minimum.  However, we may need to access certain areas through the day, in which the occupants would be informed in advance. 

Q:  What will the program be in the new building, and what amenities will be available?

A:  The NBET Building offers wet and dry laboratories, office space, group collaborations spaces, conference rooms, classrooms, a cafe, and a 10,000 square foot cleanroom.  This building is a new hub for CIT with many learning and social spaces for the occupants to enjoy.

Q:  What is the North Wing and Courtyard?

A:  The building is comprised of two unique components, the North Wing and the Courtyard.  The North Wing is an elevated multi-story structure built on the hillside between Wean and Roberts while the Courtyard area is constructed in the service space between Wean, Porter, and Hamerschlag Halls.  The courtyard incorporates a green roof which will extend the historic Mall to the North Wing.