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Current and Future Work*

Two Week Look-Ahead

  • Curtain wall system (building's envelope) installation continues and building will be enclosed within less than a month.
  • Concrete formwork and reinforcement installation continues for the courtyard/cleanroom area concrete slabs and walls.
  • Hangers, HVAC ducts, pipes and equipment are being installed throughout the North Wing. Electrical and fire protection equipment and pipes are being installed as well.
  • Drywall framing and boarding continues within the North Wing.
  • Exterior wall framing and Concrete Masonry Unit (CMU) wall installation are ongoing.
  • The contractors and subcontractors are currently working with the CM and Architect on the Construction Coordination. This process is ongoing.

Important Notifications

  • The plaza area between Wean Hall and Porter Hall will be under renovation for the next few months. please see the "Wean Plaza Restoration" link on the left navigation for more details and notifications.
  • Hamerschlag Hall E Level north exit will be closed starting 10/7/13 for the duration of the project (winter 2015). Please exit via the first floor main entrance in the case of an emergency.
  • The FMS Pedestrian Bridge is closed until work in that area finalizes.
  • Hamerschlag Drive will close on 4/29/13 for the duration of the project (winter 2015).  Access to Gates Garage will be maintained via Boundary street and under the CIC garage.  Please see detour maps below.
  • Access to the Roberts loading dock is limited to scheduled deliveries only.
  • Pedestrian access will not be permitted within work zones.

Emergency Exiting Plan

During the construction of Scott Hall, many activities will occur within the Hamerschlag Courtyard.  Unauthorized personnel will not be allowed within the area due to safety regulations.  Please use the following detour maps as reference to new exiting strategies.

hh exit wean exit

 porter detour HH E Level

Hamerschlag Drive Closure Detours

*During the above mentioned closures, please reference the map links below for detailed routes.

Detour: Route 1

Detour: Route 2

If you have any questions please contact Max Dorosa, or 412-268-8936.

*Please note that portions of work may produce noise within the immediate area, and all efforts will be taken to reduce any noise.  We apologize for any inconvenience, and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this time.

Noise Notification

Progress to Date

Please see below for items of importance and photos depicting current work on the Scott Hall Project, Thank you.


Structural concrete formwork installation, reinforcement and pouring continue within the Hamerschlag Hall courtyard area.

Court yardCourt yard

following pictures show curtain wall installation progress at the north and east elevations of the North Wing.

east elevationNorth Elevation


Curtain wall system installation is 80% completed. Remaining panels on the south elevation of the North Wing are being installed. 

Curtain wall South ElevationCurtain Wall and Stairs

Reinforcement installation continues within the courtyard area for the cleanroom deck.

Cleanroom deckCourtyard

Electrical, mechanical, and fire protection pipes and equipment are being installed within the North Wing.

Mechanical euipmentDuct work InstallationElectrical Equipment


Following pictures show scaffolding for the north wing exterior wall framing and curtain wall installation progress.

North WingScaffoldingNorth Wing

Mechanical equipment concrete pads in the North Wing mechanical room are being formed and poured as shown below. Plumbing and mechanical piping, and ductwork installation continue as well.

Mechanical Room PadsNorth Wing Mechanical RoomNorth Wing Mechanical Room

Please see below for construction progress photos from courtyard/cleanroom area. Structural concerete reinforcement, forming, and pouring continue within this area.

Court yardCourtyardCourtyard deck


Curtain wall system and dichroic glass installation continues on the south and east elevations of the North Wing as shown in the following pictures. Microscopic layers of metal oxides applied to the surface of a sandwiched, center piece of glass creates the various transmitted and reflective colors in the dichroic glass fins.

curtain wall interiorcurtainwall

First cleanroom deck concrete pour occurred on May 13th. The northwestern part of the concrete deck (future green roof) is poured as shown below. Next pour is scheduled to happen in June tentatively.

cleanroom deckcleanroom deck

Hangers, HVAC ducts, pipes and equipment are being installed throughout the North Wing. Electrical and fire protection equipment and pipes are being installed as well.

mechanical roomriser


Following are some construction progress photos from the Forbes Avenue and The Carnegie Museum. As shown in the photos, curtain wall installation is completed on the west side of the North Wing.

View from MuseumView from forbes Avenue


Curtain wall installation continues as shown in the following pictures. Dichroic glasses are being installed on the building envelope as well.

curtain wall installtioncurtain wall installation

curtain wall installationcurtain wall installation

Cleanroom deck rebar installation continues. 

clean room deck rebarClean room deck rebar

As building is being enclosed, mechanical piping and equipment are being installed at the perimeter of building.



North Wing's envelope, which is a curtain wall system, is being installed and building will be enclosed within less than 2 months. Curtain wall panels are being installed using a spider crane located at the roof of the building as shown below. Moreover, scaffold installation is completed on the hillside. This scaffold will be used for mechanical systems and walls installation. 

Curtain wall installationspider crane

curtain wall installationScaffold

Reinforcement installation on the cleanroom/courtyard deck in the area between Wean hall and Porter Hall continues as shown below. First concrete pour is scheduled for week of April 27th tentatively.

Cleanroom deck reinforcementCleanroom Deck


A crane is mobilized in the construction job site for reinforcement installation on the cleanroom/courtyard area deck as shown in the below pictures. First concrete pour in this area is tentatively scheduled for week of April 27th.

courtyard deckcrane

Stairs structure is being installed.


Exterior drywall is being installed in the electrical vault. Pipes and other equipment are being installed throughout the building.

electrical vaultpipesdrywall storage

Vapor barrier is being installed on the north wing roof and penthouse exterior drywall framing is started. Scaffold is being installed by the splayed columns for exterior wall installation.



Concrete formwork installation is completed for the northern part of the courtyard deck. Complicated geometry with multiple sloped surfaces could be seen in the following pictures.

Courtyard DeckCourtyard Deck

Courtyard DeckCourtyard Deck

Hangers and Mechanical equipment and pipes as well as electrical and fire protection equipment are being installed in the north wing.

hangersMechanical equipmentMechanical Room

A group of civil engineering students from ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers) student chapter had a tour to visit Scott Hall's construction job site on March 20th.



Collaboratory stairs structure, located at the south side of the North Wing, is being installed as shown in the below pictures.


Drywall Framing is started within the North Wing. Pipes and ducts are being installed in the risers.

Dry Wall FramingRisers DuctworkRiser

Pipes and equipment are being installed in the North Wing Mechanical Room. Following pictures show how congested is this area.

Piping in Mechanical RoomMechanical Room Piping

Concrete formwork installation for the cleanroom deck continues. 

Cleanroom DeckCleanroom Deck


Following pictures show concrete formwork for the courtyard deck which will incorporate a green roof and walk-way after construction completion. It will connect the Hornbostel Mall to the North Wing.


Ducts are being installed in the North Wing risers. Mechanical piping, plumbing, electrical, and fire protection equipment and pipes are being installed as well.



Structural concrete work is completed throughout the North Wing. As shown in the pictures below, concrete domes beneath the splayed columns and roof concrete pads for mechanical equipment are poured.


 Following picture shows Scott Hall's North Wing view from the Carnegie Museum of Art.


Mechanical, electrical and fire protection equipment, pipes and hangers are being installed within the North Wing. Drywall framing has also started on the 3rd floor of the North Wing. Stairs are being installed as well.


Concrete formwork and reinforcement in the courtyard is being installed for the courtyard concrete deck, which has a complicated geometry and multiple sloped slabs. This area will be the Scott Hall's green roof in the future.



Since the steam line has been installed on the lower site, the 4160 ductbank entering the building is being installed.  As site utility work begins to come to an end, and the slabs are poured, pipe can begin to be installed in the building.  The first order of business is to install the main sanitary riser within the building.  This will allow the roof drains to collect water, and prevent it from dripping from floor to floor.

409 410

411 412

413 414

As formwork within the CY has been completed, the space has become very congested.



With the building tented in with plastic, Scott Hall is becoming a distinctive part of the Oakland landscape, both night and day.

407 408


Each of the floors in the north wing have been poured in 2 pours.  The images below depict the break line of the two pours. 

404 405

Crews finish forming the courtyard columns in preparation of the scheduled pour.  Due to the columns' height, extensive shoring is required to hold the formwork in place.



The building trap is being installed at the lower lot.  This is the last connection from the building to the PWSA tie-in.  At the same time, the new steam line that runs across the site is being installed.  This replaces the old line that has been temporarily rerouted for the past 1.5 years.

401 402 403


The building continues to be tented in.  This will allow crews to continue working on Scott Hall throughout the harsh winter weather.  Additional site work continues to reconnect the steam line that once traveled across the hillside.  The new steam line will now travel beneath Scott Hall through to FMS from Roberts Hall.  Excavation/backfill continues for the Sanitary tie in under Hamerschlag Drive at the lowest portion of our site.  This new tap will facilitate all of Scott Hall waste water, a good percentage of storm water will be diverted from PWSA's combined storm/sanitary system.

396 tent 397 tent 398 tent

399 scott steam tie in 400 sanitary tap


The north wing is being tented with plastic to allow for temperature control during concrete pours as well as to keep snow and rain out of the building.  Cleanroom column erection has started with the rebar, and forms will follow shortly.

393 tenting 394 CR column erection 395 CR coloumn erection


As seen from Forbes Avenue, Scott Hall has taken its full height and shape.

391 across hollow

392 CR slabs

The Cleanroom slabs have all been poured to date.  Prep work for the concrete columns has begun.  Forming columns will take place over the next month.


Steel erection has been completed and the crane was disassembled and removed from the site on 11/1/14.  The steel erectors continue to weld connections and set decking.  While decks are released to sub-trades, inserts and embeds are installed in preparation for slab pours.

Curtain wall embeds are being installed around the perimeter of the building.  These boxes will be cast into the concrete floor slab, and they will carry the load of the curtain wall system (glazing, mullions, and dichroic glass).  The embed are designed to allow for vertical and horizontal adjustment for proper curtain wall alignment.

383 CW Embed 384 CW Embed


Cleanroom slab on grade pour 1 of 4 was poured yesterday.  Iron workers continue to set rebar for the remaining cleanroom slabs.  The Mat Slab in the courtyard is an 18" thick slab with thickened, 24" honches in locations of the columns to better distribute the load of the slab and green roof above.

379 mat slab 380 mat slab

376 Pour stop 377 Pour stop

The above photos show a detail of the concrete pour stops, which separates concrete pours.  A wire meshed surface allows some concrete to protrude from the stop, creating a rough surface for the next concrete pour to bond to.

378 cy pour 1

375 CY Pour 1 374 CY Pour 1


370 Courtyard

371 North Wing 372 North Wing

373 Courtyard

Progress of the steel erection is currently on schedule with the installation of final roof members of steel.  The crane is scheduled to be removed from the site within the next 2 weeks.  Crews are also prepping for the first Cleanroom slab pour within the courtyard.


Ceilidh Weekend! Today the University held a "Topping Off" Ceremony to commemorate the steel erection of Scott Hall.  This morning there was a brunch held where CIT spoke of the current progress of Scott Hall and what it's future means to Carnegie Mellon's Campus.  During the ceremony, attendees were encouraged to sign a beam, which was then lifted into place on Scott Hall's roof.

367 Topping Off 368 topping off 369 topping off


A time-lapse set of photos shows progress as the splayed columns are installed.

364 splayed columns 365 splayed columns 366 splayed columns

Backfill progress can be seen in the following images as work finalizes for the underground acid waste piping completes.

362 AW trench

363 AW backfill


The first set of splayed columns have been installed today.  The steel erector had to utilize 2 cranes to complete this installation.

359 splayed collumns 360 Splayed columns

Steel erection is nearly complete in the location of the collaboratory stairs.


The first of three base plates for the splayed columns is being installed.  These base plates connect the pile caps(atop the caissons) to the bas of the splayed columns.  Placement must be very accurate to align with 30 anchor bolts located in the pile cap.

354 base plate 355

Work removing the tunnel lid located in the courtyard has begun.  The tunnel lid will eventually be repoured at a lower elevation.

Tunnel work 357 tunnel

Underground work on the acid waste piping continues.

358 AW Pipe


352 Acid Waste Underground 353 Acid Waste Underground

351 Student Tour

As Acid Waste piping was being installed under what will be the Cleanroom, a Civil Engineering class toured the site.

349 NW Stairwell 350 NW Stairwell

348 Lower Level Mechanical Room

With decking installed, there is now access to inspect steel connections further and to begin mechanical pre-installation work on these levels.


347 North Wing

The North Wing steel is progressing.  Penthouse steel has been installed, and Scott Hall currently demonstrates it's approximate finished height.

341 North Wing 342 North Wing

339 Loading Dock 340 Hamerschlag Drive

In the new Scott Hall Loading dock area, a vapor barrier and slab formwork are being installed for the anticipated slab pour scheduled in the next two weeks. 


Scott Hall seen from CIC; Penthouse steel being erected is shown at the highest point.

337 Northwing 338 North Wing


Concrete is on site to pour the floor slab of the acid waste trench. 

334 Cleanroom 336 Northwing

335 Cleanroom


General construction photos below depict the current progress on site.  The acid waste trench in the courtyard is currently being formed, while steel erection and detailing continues.

332 Cafe 333 Cleanroom

331 Loading Dock

329 Hamerschlag Drive 330 NW Stair Tower


The curtain wall mockup is currently displayed on the Robert's Patio.  This mockup samples the quality and consistency of the glass, ceramic frit (both colors), and dichroic panels (both colors).

343 Dichroic Glass 344 Dichroic Glass

345 Dichroic Glass 346 Dichroic on Wean

There is a second mockup of the dichroic panels mounted to the south face of Wean Hall.


In order to facilitate the steel erection over Hamerschlag Drive, temporary cribbing has been installed for support.  When the steel is erected, the cribbing will be jacked up while steel is welded.  Once complete the cribbing will be removed and steel will rest in its proper position.

327 pump room 328 road cribbing

326 atrium and cafe

With the building situated between existing structures, spanning a road, and towering over a hillside, the Architects and Engineers had to design ways to allow the building to slightly move without damaging itself or these surrounding structures.  There has been a 2 inch expansion joint designed where the new Scott Hall meets any existing building, as well as within the future cafe space(which is the connection from the North Wing to the Courtyard.  The expansion joint can be see in the image above and below.

324 steel connection 325 2 inch expansion joint


323 view from roberts

The view from Robert's Deck provides a great perspective of the North Wing and Connector steel erection.


Steel erection continues to the North Wing portion of Scott Hall.  The round white columns shown in the photos below will remain exposed.  This white color is actually intumescent paint (fireproof paint), which will expand during a fire, protecting the steel from heat for the code required amount of time.  These columns are rated from 2-3 hours depending on location.

315 loading dock 316 north wing

317 north wing steel

318 round column 319 round column

The following images below depict the forming of the acid waste trench which will be situated beneath the cleanroom.

320 Acid Waste Trench

321 Acid Waste Trench322 cafe steel


Structural steel erection for new pump room, cafe, and loading dock has been started.

309 Steel Erection310 Atrium Steel

Additionally, Maxim Crane Works has mobilized a 300 ton crawler type crane for North Wing structural steel erection which will start next week.

312 Crane311 Crane

Remaining concrete foundation walls and piers are being reinforced, formed, and poured within lower site. Poured and cured foundation walls have been backfilled.

313 Lower Site314 Lower Site


Loading Dock and Pump Room areas have been backfilled and prepared for structural steel erection. Also, Roberts Hall bridge concrete foundation has been poured and backfilled.

301 Loading Dock302 Loading Dock303 Roberts Bridge

Concrete walls within the lower site have been poured and formwork panels are being removed.

304 Lower Site305 Concrete Walls

Additionally, splayed columns concrete foundations (pile caps) have been poured and backfilled. West side of lower site has been cleaned up for mobilizing a 300 ton crawler type crane for structural steel erection.

306 Lower Site307 Lower Site

Picture below shows precast concrete panels being installed on retaining wall within the lower site.

308 Retaining Wall


Rebar for acid trench reinforcement has been delivered and stored in court yard space. Additionally, loading dock and pump room spaces have been backfilled by locating equipment in the courtyard space.

291 Acid Trench Rebar292 Court Yard

Concrete work at new pump room and loading dock is completed. As mentioned these spaces have been backfilled; and structural steel erection will start in August. 

293 Loading Dock294 Loading Dock

Remaining concrete pile caps, grade beams, walls, and piers are being reinforced, formed, and poured within lower site.

295 Lower Site296 Concrete Wall

297 Form Work298 Reinforcement299 Concrete Walls

Picture below shows how construction materials and forming panels are being stored and laid down by the rail road.

300 Storage


Mat 2 concrete pile cap's formwork has been removed and it has been backfilled. Forming and reinforcement continue for structural concrete walls at the west side of lower site.

286 mat 2 backfill287 Concrete Walls

Structural concrete walls within the loading dock have been poured. Additionally, remaining pile caps in the lower site are being reinforced and prepared for pouring. Pictures below show pile caps, connections and grade beams reinforcement complexity. Also, excavation for the last splayed columns concrete foundation is completed as shown below.

288 Loading Dock Pouring289 Reinforcement290 Pile Cap


Large Mat 2 concrete pile cap has been poured, and forming grade beams connected to it has been started.

282 Mat 2281 Pouring

Pile caps, piers, and concrete walls within lower site are being reinforced and formed. All concrete pouring will be done before structural steel erection.

284 Pile Cap Formwork285 Piers


Reinforcement, forming, and pouring continue for concrete foundations within pump room, loading dock, and lower site.  Structural concrete walls and piers reinforcement and forming has been started as well. Once poured, concrete foundations will be backfilled.

Forming276 Pouring277 Removing Formwork

278 Pump Room279 Lower Site

Acid trench excavation has been completed as well and concrete will be poured in July.

280 Acid Trench


When joining rebar mechanical splices(shown below) is one option of making these connections, another connection type would be lapping and tieing two pieces of rebar with a 2' lap.  Excavation for the loading dock and roberts bridge foundations has begun.

273 274 275


The final grade beams and pile caps are being formed within the new pump room, as shown above.

270 271

The trenhing shownin the courtyard will be the new Acid Waste tench beneath the new cleanroom.  Once poured and formed the trench will be approximately 3 feet wide and sloped from 6 feet deep to 4 feet.  The areas surrounding the elevator pit and loading dock foundation walls are being backfilled up to the brick ledge elevation.


The Courtyard/cleanroon area between Wean and Hamerschlag has been excavated and compacted fill is being installed to prep the site for the slab pour in this area.  Concrete was delivered on-site and a portion of pile caps have been poured today.

268 269


In the following images below you can see the multiple retaining walls that are located across the hillside to allow the ease of access and the necessary soil retainment for the installation of pile caps.  Once the pile caps are formed and poured, they will be backfilled, and the site will have an consistent grade down the hillside.  The workers below are prepping top of caissons prior to installing rebar reinforcement for the pile cap in that location.

266 267

Work conitues forming and installing rebar for the remaining pile caps and foundation walls on the hillside.


As a quality control measure, pile cap reinforcement is backchecked with surveying equipment to ensure the proper placement. 

263 264


260 261 262

Anchor rods are being set in the southern splayed column pile cap, as shown in the photo above.  Rebar is also being placed on the hillside for the large Mat II type foundation pile cap.  This Mat II foundation will contain approximately 198 yards of concrete.


The hillside continues to be excavated for the installation of pile caps and grade beams.

  257 258 259


Excavation has progressed on the hillside for the forming of pile caps and grade beams. 


Panels are being set within the new pump room. 



Pile cap and grade beam installation continues on the hillside for the North Wing portion of the building.



Sub base soil conditions in the courtyard displayed a high moisture content.  To meet the proper stability requirements, a portion of the soil has been removed, and gravel is being punched into the ground to stabilize the area.  This will provide a proper sub base for the construction of the courtyard slabs.

251 252 253


The new pump room pad has been poured.  This will be a new mechanical space for Scott Hall.

249 250


Sheet pile shoring is being installed to support the existing duct bank.  This is needed to excavate deeper for pile cap installation location adjacent to the duct bank.

247 248


Rebar is being set for one of the splayed column pile caps and forms for round column pilasters are in place.

245 246

Multiple pile caps at different levels and slope grade beams have been poured and the forms are removed.  progress on the hillside will move north to complete the remaining pile caps and grade beams.

243 244

241 242

The duct bank is fully shored across the hillside as shown above.


Shoring of the electrical duct bank across the hillside is underway.  I-beams are set on either side of the ductbank and one spans atop, while nylon straps are used to cradle the ductbank to ensure it does not move.

239 240




The pump room foundation wall backfill progresses as the remaining courtyard is excavated. 




233 234


The pump room foundation walls are being backfilled as waterproofing continues to be installed.


Pump room foundation wall waterproofing is being installed.  Once an area is waterproofed, blue protection board is installed prior to backfilling.  Waterproofers work their way up as the levels of the wall are accessible with the backfill progress.  A water expansive bentonite material is installed(shown in white), where new construction waterproofing meets existing buildings(Wean Hall).

230 231


226 227



The rebar and foundation wall forms continue to be installed on Mat 3.  Concrete can be expected to be poured within 2-3 weeks.  Additional photos below depict areas that are being excavated around North Wing caissons for the forming of pile caps.


While much of the construction is currently outside, there is also work happening beneath our feet in utility tunnels.  The new lines shown below are being installed to accommodate additional tie in points for the new building's demand, and to remove old lines from the site of new construction.

222 223

224 225


The sidewalk outside of the south entrance to Hamerschlag Hall has been removed for the installation of the new handicap compliant ramp.  This ramp will include a new railing that will double as the mockup for the Scott Hall collaboratory staircase.  This ramp is expected to be completed within the next 2 weeks.  Additional photos show wall forms for the Mat 3 elevator foundations are going up and rebar is being set.

216 221




Wall forms are being removed from the new pump room foundation walls as the remaining pile caps in the pump room are being formed.  Rebar for the Mat 3 foundation walls are beginning to take form.  The remaining caissons and pile caps on the hillside are being drilled, formed and poured.  At this time there are 22 caissons that remain to be drilled. 

211 212


209 210

Dichroic glass samples have been installed to the side of the construction trailer for review.

214 213

206 207 208


Tunnel utility connections have been made, which reroutes existing utilities from the site of the new cleanroom.  The new valves and piping shown below were installed throughout the past couple weeks.

204 205


198 203

Wall forms and rebar are in place for the new pump room foundation.  Concrete is scheduled to be poured Monday, 3/3/14. 


Foundation walls in the courtyard pump room are being formed and rebar is being set.  This process will take approximately 1.5 weeks and concrete can be poured subsequently.  Work continues with mat 3 foundations and caisson drilling on the hillside.

195 196 



The project team refers to the largest mat foundation pad for the project as "Mat 3".  This foundation essentially acts as an anchor for the portion of the building that cantilevers over the hillside.  Mat 3 formwork and rebar has been installed concrete is being poured.  There is approximately 216 cubic yards of concrete just within this piece of the foundations; that's 24 concrete truck deliveries. 

187 188

189 191


The foundation wall forms are being installed as rebar is completed for the new pump room.

192 193 194


Foundation walls are being formed within the pump room space, while the mat 3 pad(3rd photo) is being finalized for concrete to be poured.

184 185 186


18 trucks of concrete were delivered on site today for the pump room grade beams and pile caps.  15+ workers were on site and coordinated the concrete trucks and pump with the pour locations.

182 183

180 181

Outpak Washout boxes provide LEED certified disposal of slump testing on site.  Slump testing is essentially placing an amount of concrete outside of the forms to ensure the proper mixture thickness and fluidity.  To ensure there is no contamination to surrounding areas, this product allows an easy, clean, and safe alternative to on site slump testing.

178 179

As you can see below, the pump truck had a reach of over 150' to deliver concrete to the proper locations.  As a testing requirement, concrete sample cylinders are collected every 50 yards per the engineers specified testing requirements.  The cylinders shown here are only a small handful of what has been collected to date.  These cylinders will be tested, by breaking them, at certain cure intervals to ensure the concrete is meeting the specified strength.

177 175 176

173 174


Grade beam and pile cap forms are in place.  Final heating preparations will need to be done prior to the scheduled concrete pour.


170 172



The Pittsburgh Fire Department visited the construction site today for a inspection to review temporary exit strategies and detours.  There are 8 exits that have been affected by the construction.



The ramp and stairs have been removed from both locations on Wean Hall.  These exits have been closed for the duration of the project.  A walk through with the city fire department is scheduled for 1/20/14 to review exit paths and detours.  Pile cap forms and rebar are being installed.  Concrete for the pump room and large elevator(mat 3) pile cap is expected to come during the week of 1/27/14.  Installation of the main shoring wall tie-backs are continuing; approximately half of the tiebacks have been installed.

159 160


162 163


165 166 167


The concrete stairs connected to Wean and Porter Halls is currently being demolished.  This demolision should wrap up within the next week.

157 158


Pump room pile cap rebar has been delivered and pile caps are being formed.  The new loading dock are is being excavated to form pile caps.

155 156



Caissons within the pump room have been completed.  Next, pile caps and footings will be formed and poured.  The shoring wall tiebacks are scheduled to begin now that all caissons are completed in this area.

153 152



The construction crew continues to drill and pour caissons on the hillside and within the pump room. 



147 149


The construction site is teaming with activity as 2 rigs drill caissons, multiple excavators prep for caisson locations, and a crane is situated to install caisson reinforcement.  Crews are currently drilling caissons for the southern splayed column clusters, and within the pump room.  57 caissons have been drilled and poured to date.


The FMS salt shed has been completed and is ready for salt to be delivered.



A Town Hall Meeting will be held today from 5-6pm in McConomy Auditorium.  Please follow this link for the presentation that will be given at the meeting.


141 142

The caisson coordinates within the new pump room have been surveyed and will be drilled within the next week.


The Hamerschlag Shoring wall has been completed.  The remainder of the sanitry reroute will take place through the next two weeks.

139 140




Caissons are currently being drilled and poured where the salt bin once was.  Once these caissons are completed, tiebacks (pictured and described below)  can be installed in the main shoring wall.  This will allow for the remaining excavation of the north wing hillside, and accommodate drilling of the remaining caissons.

134 135 136


Tiebacks, shown in the photos below, are steel cables that are inserted through shoring wall piers that act as an anchoring mechanism for a retaining wall that is being installed.  Essentially the tiebacks are supported by the mass of earth that the shoring wall is designed to retain.  The images below show that all tiebacks have been installed.  The courtyard area will be excavated approximately another 12' to allow for the construction of the new pump room and the final relocation of the sanitary line shown piped in these photos. 

130 131 132



The removal of the Wean Hall areaways has allowed for the lower portion of the sanitary reroute to be completed.  During the excavation, a foundation drain for Wean Hall was found and has been tied into the sanitary reroute.  In order for the sanitary reroute to be completed, a shoring wall against Hamerschlag Hall had to be installed to allow for the deep excavation so close to the building.  The shoring wall is currently being installed, and grade will be excavated approximately 12 feet below its current level.  This excavation is not only for the installation of the sanitary reroute, but also to construct a lower pump room that will service the new and existing services.


121 119 sanitary

122 124 123


The campus salt and mulch storage has been relocated to the lot across the tracks.  The base of the storage bins have been asphalt paved and concrete foundation blocks have been arranged in U-shaped configurations.  The finishing touch will include barrel-arched roofs to protect the bins from the weather.  Please see the series of photos below depicting the construction of these storage bins.

125 126 127 128


115 116

The lot across the tracks has been graded, and a stone drive is being installed to access the new location for the FMS salt shed and mulch pile.  A new entrance from boundary street has been created to stay the proper distance away from the Railroad tracks.

117 118


112 113


Excavation at the western portion of Wean Hall has completed for the removal of the concrete areaways beneath the transformer garage doors in the photos above.  These concrete areaways will be removed to allow for the construction of the new Scott Hall elevator mat slab foundation.


The lower manhole is being set within the excavation for the sanitary reroute.

110 107

108 109


The temporary sanitary reroute within the courtyard has been installed.  This reroute diverts the sanitary away from the existing route while the new permanent line can be installed.

104 105 106


Work on the shoring wall continues, while the storm/sanitary line within the courtyard is temporarily rerouted.  The storm/sanitary line will be permanently reouted after the excavation and shoring activities within the area are complete.

097 098

099 100 101

094 095 096


A group of students from the School of Architecture who have based a construction practices course around the Scott Hall Project receive a tour of the site.

092 093


The excavation of the courtyard continues to progress.  Currently the majority of dirt has been removed through the Porter Parking Lot.  We remind pedestrians to follow posted safety signs while near construction zones.

086 088


Drilling of the first caisson is nearly complete.  The rebar reinforcement cage, which will go into the newly drilled hole, is situated in a staging area.  Once the rebar is installed within the hole, concrete will be pumped in place which will create the caisson.

089 090 091


The shoring wall process begins with the drilling for shoring piles which are steel columns that will have wire tendons shot into the earth behind the wall to keep this from caving in.  Once the piles are installed, wood lagging is used to temporary hold dirt behind the wall back while the dirt in front is excavated.  Once the excavation reaches the correct depth, concrete panels will be place between the steel piles, which will remain as the permanent shoring structure.   

084 085


The outer chiller wall has been removed and dirt is being removed from the courtyard to prepare for the new pump room construction.

082 083


Drilling on the hillside has begun.  Soldier piles for the permanent shoring wall are being drilled currently.  Once the wall pile are drilled and set, the contractor will move to caissons across the hillside and within Hamerschlag Drive.

078 079

080 081


The retaining wall from the original chiller location has been removed and dirt is being excavated from the courtyard.  The excavation throughout the entire courtyard will drop the elevation by approximately 10' to allow space for an engineered fill material and the construction of the new concrete floor slab.  We would like to remind pedestrians to stay out of marked construction areas for their safety due to the high level of construction activities.

076 077


The second chiller has been relocated and piping is currently being installed.

074 075


The chilled water reroute through Hamerschlag D Level has been completed.  The water lines are running with no issues.

071 073



An adjacent University Project, Masonry Restoration, is underway on Wean, Hamerschlag, and Doherty Halls.  The scope of work includes repairing damaged and spalled concrete to Wean Hall by hammering and sawing necessary areas, patching, and sealing the entire facade.  Hamerschlag Hall will be re-pointed in damaged regions with minimal brick replacement.  The arched masonry underside of Doherty Hall will be removed and re-supported with steel support brackets.  This work will continue alongside the Scott Hall construction, however if you feel disrupted by the masonry repairs please contact your building's Facility Director or Karen Spells Attn: Edward Hydzik with Campus Design Facility Development.

Work scheduled:  Masonry contractors will be cleaning and removing caulking on the south elevation mall area of Wean.  They will continue cutting and grinding on the west and northwest side of Wean.  Removal of the brick and granite lentils on the Doherty Bridge will continue, and welders will also be installing support brackets.


Exits in the courtyard are starting to be affected by demolition and other construction activities.  Please review the detour maps above for a description of proper exiting procedures and paths.


The first chiller was lifted into place today.  It will take the remainder of the week to pipe to the chiller and complete the hookup before the 2nd chiller can be relocated next week.

066 065

The new construction has been delivered to the Porter Parking Lot.  The electric and data will be hooked up next week and the construction team will begin moving in the following week.  Also, the nitrogen pad has been formed for the relocation.

067 068


The demolition of the salt bin continues.  Multiple utility lines(abandoned and active) have been found under and near the excavation site.  It has been noted that the salt bin was constructed on the same foundations of an original coal hopper that fed Hamerschlag Hall.  These foundations are being excavated also, which has led the excavation to lower elevations than anticipated. 

061 062

In order to prepare for the Cleanroom Chiller relocation the Hamerschlag server room roof has been removed.  This space will be prepped for the first chiller relocation scheduled for 7/15/13.

063 064


The chilled water reroute has been backfilled and Roberts Drive has been returned to normal use.  Final backfilling remains within the FMS loading dock are.  The excavated areas will be re-paved in the coming weeks.

057 058

The reroute on upper Roberts drive is finalizing and the road will be backfilled by the end of next week.

059 060


The new chilled water lines have been installed within Roberts Drive near FMS.  The lines will be backfilled later this week.

055 056


Spot excavations within planters and on the Wean Hall 4600 roof/plaza are being explored to supply the design team with a roof composition detail of current conditions.  Portions of Wean Hall will experience intermittent periods of noise and slight vibration during the next 2 weeks.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

049 050

The remaining walls of the lean-to have been removed and the excavator has begun sorting the debris for disposal/recycling.

051 052 053


The lean-to within the HH/Wean/Porter parking lot is currently being demolished.  During this time we ask all pedestrians near the area to maintain a safe distance from the construction zone barrier.  The Wean Hall fire stair egress, 4129, should be used only during an emergency.

045 046

047 048


The first casework mock-up has been delivered and assembled in Smith Hall.  Two more mock-ups are expected to be delivered in the next two weeks and the fourth and final to be delivered in July.

043 044


The new water and steam lines are currently being set into place.  The team will continue to set the remaining lines, shoot as-built coordinates, and back fill once complete.  A coal hopper was discovered beneath the salt bin, and the crew on site is exploring the depth of the hopper and the impacts of it's removal.

037 038 039 040

041 042


The demolition of the salt bin on Roberts Drive has begun.  The majority of the structure will be removed by 6/11/13.

035 036


The mechanical contractor is currently finishing core drilling the FMS foundation wall for the chilled water and steam line reroute.



Areas within Roberts Drive near the salt bin have been excavated to verify utility paths.  These locations are being coordinated with the structural foundations.

032 033


Tie-in locations have been excavated beneath FMS for the new chilled water reroute.



The access road has been completed, and the end of the Hamerschlag Steam tunnel has been removed.

029 030


An access road is being cut into the site to begin the shoring wall installation.



Manhole 3 and 4 have been placed, and the contractors are setting caps and backfilling the excavated areas.

026 027


Please find attached the Town Hall Presentation given at the meeting held last night.


Manholes 6 and 7 have been set and our crew is in the process of excavating for manhole 5.

022 023

024 025


Manhole 8 has been placed and the construction crew continues work on manhole 7.  Once this work is completed the Roberts Drive will be re-opened temporarily.


During the excavation for the sanitary relocation, the Hamerschlag tunnel has been unearthed and the contractors have begun to demolish portions of the tunnel to make way for the new manhole that will be installed.

020 021


Roberts Drive will be closed Monday morning for the installation of the new manholes for the sanitary maintenance.


Excavation parallel to the lower portion of FMS drive has begun to identify the exact location of the 15" sanitary line.

016 017


In order to prepare the site for the new sanitary line, the radius wall on Roberts pedestrian ramp had to be removed.  A temporary set of steps have been built to maintain access to this entrance.

018 radius wall 019 radius wall


The contractor is on site and excavation for sanitary utilities has begun.  Please see the images below for a detailed looked at this process.

013 sanitary 014 sanitary


Beginning Monday the Road closures to Roberts Drive and pedestrian detours will begin.  Please review the maps posted above and allowed yourself additional time to reach your destination.


The new Wean Hall skylight mockup has been installed and can be found in the courtyard.  This mockup demonstrates the actual height and angle of the proposed design.



Please see the following diagram for a detailed view of the Roberts Drive closure.


  • The ductbank along Roberts Hall has been completed and backfilled on the hillside.
  • The shoring and excavation contractors begin to plan site work the week of 2/18/13.


Clearing and grubbing of the hillside has been competed and silt fencing has been installed.


Work at the Wean 4th floor loading dock has been completed.  The loading dock is open for deliveries.


Please see below for items that have been or are near completion.

  • Roberts Drive will be closed until Sunday for pavement and sidewalk repairs.  Concrete will be poured and finished where the new ductbank was installed for the Lean-to project.
  • Work at Wean 4th floor loading dock near completion. 
  • Work related to the 5KV cable has wrapped up within the corridor, now opening the Wean 4500 corridor.
  • RF shielding complete in Wean 3121.
  • Tree removal on the hillside has been completed.

008 Tree removal

015 roberts ductbank

Above you can see the hillside after the trees have been removed.


Currently, the conduits have been installed for the Roberts 5KV and the contractors are prepare for concrete.

009 5KV 010 5KV


Currently work related to the Lean-to project continues throughout portions of Wean, Hamerschlag, and Roberts Halls.

  • RF shielding in Wean 3121 is nearly competed.
  • Wean switchgear will be delivered and installed on 1/12.  Please be advised a crane will be used to raise the equipment into the building.
  • Wean 4500 will have a short ramp installed to accommodate occupants while cabling is being installed, this will occur from 1/10 through 1/18.


Recent completed items related to the Lean-to project are as follow:

  • Conduit installed in Wean Senate Room.
  • Wean 3121 demo and 2nd floor conduit installation complete.
  • Conduit installation in HH interstitial space, above cleanroom, and road crossing have been completed.


The design and construction team are currently working on VE efforts for the project.  Please see below for a quick list of items worked on this week.

  • Fencing surrounding the construction site.  Clearing and grubbing to follow.
  • Most demolition in Wean and HH is complete while the installation of conduit begins.
  • Installation of conduits above clean room in HH, in HH steam tunnel, and on the 3rd floor Wean Hall corridor 3500 has been started.
  • Majority of conduit installation complete in Wean Senate Room, Wean 2nd floor 5KV Room, HH Interstitial space, and above HH Clean Room.
  • Road conduit installed, pour concrete and backfill to happen in coming weeks.
  • Installation of conduit across Roberts Drive to HH has begun.
  • Start conduit runs up hill from manhole #27 to interstitial space.
  • Roberts Drive closed Saturday 12/15, 12/22, 12/29, and 1/5 from 6:00AM to 6:00PM.
  • Two sidewalks along Roberts Drive will be closed and remain closed until 1/5.


The lower parking lot across the tracks will be closed for the mobilization of Jendoco's construction trailer and storage box.  Roberts Drive will be plated during the week while work continues on the trench excavation during the weekend road closures.  This will also keep the sidewalks in the vicinity temporarily closed during this time.  Demolition in Wean and Hamerschlag is nearly complete for the installation of new conduit to occur next week.


The current timeline of schedules events is as follows:

  • 12/3/12- Mobilization of the Jendoco Construction trailer and storage box to the railroad parking lot.  At this time the lot will be closed to the parking that currently occurs in the lot.
  • 12/5/12- Install temporary security fencing at the railroad lot around the lay down and trailer areas.
  • 12/6/12- Install security fencing at the North Wing hillside.  This includes the lower Roberts parking area that is currently being used by FMS for storage and parking.  We will begin clearing and grubbing the hillside.  This includes the removal of the trees and mulching them.  This will continue for one week.
  • 12/10/12- Selected subcontractor for the Excavation and Shoring Bid Package(BP-01) mobilizes their trailers and equipment to the railroad lot.
  • 12/17/12- Work begins on the relocation of the 15" sanitary line.  This includes work on Roberts Drive adjacent to the salt shed.  The current plan is to start work on the hillside and during the winter break move up into Roberts Drive with the deep trenching.  The road will be plated when possible.  Work atop Roberts Drive will continue for two weeks.
  • 1/3/13- Retaining wall soldier pile drilling will begin and continue for two to three weeks.  Drilling from atop Roberts will be necessary.  This will at times limit access to Roberts Drive.  This will be closely coordinated with the salt shed usage, nitrogen refilling and deliveries to Hamerschlag Hall.
  • 1/21/13- Mass excavation will begin at the North Wing and will follow the progress of the shoring wall installation.
  • 2/4/13- Excavation and Shoring(BP-01) work is in its final stages of completion.  Jendoco prepares for the mobilization of the foundation bid package(BP-02), subcontractor to begin North Wing foundation and utility work.  An updated timeline will be issued for this scope of work.


Please click on the Site Phase layout Diagrams above for a more detailed view of each.


Two separate sections of sidewalk along Roberts Drive will be removed, closing the sidewalk and center door along the road to Roberts Hall.  This area will be closed from 11/28 through 12/26.  The center door will be available for emergency egress only.  Detour signs will be posted at the south and north ends of the sidewalk.

Roberts Drive will be closed on weekends throughout December.  The schedule for closing is December 1, 7:00 AM until noon, December 8-9, December 15-16, and December 22-23 from 7:00 AM Saturday until 5:00 PM Sunday each week.  A trench will be cut across Roberts Drive for the installation of the new duct bank and steel plating will be installed for the weekday traffic.


Mobilization for work on the Hamerschlag Lean-to will begin Monday 11/19.  Work will begin in the F level of Hamerschlag, and occupants may experience intermittent periods of noise.  There will be a combination of mechanical duct work, water and stream piping, and electrical fixtures removed from the space. Some additional work will include Wean Hall 4505(drilling) and 3121(interior partition removal).  All efforts will be taken to reduce any noise during this work.  We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this time.

Excavation work done to Roberts drive this week is wrapping up, concrete will be poured Monday, and barriers will be removed Wednesday.


Excavation work along Wean Hall parking lot will resume today and tomorrow from 7:00 am until 3:30 pm each day.  Work is anticipated to be finished on Monday 11/12.  Efforts will be taken by our team to minimize any disruptions as much as possible.  Please watch for notices regarding future construction activities.

Excavation work will be done on Roberts Drive and will continue throughout next week.  Due to safety requirements, sections of the sidewalk will be closed and pedestrians will be redirected around a construction barrier.  Work on Roberts drive will continue through next week, ending 11/19.  Pedestrians and traffic will be directed around the work area with cones and barriers during this time.  We appreciate your patience and cooperation during this work.


The design team will join the engineers and construction team on 11/5 and 11/8 to reconcile design choices.


A banner with a rendering of the future Scott Hall has been hung on Wean Hall pointing out the location of our campus' newest addition.  This addition will greatly strengthen inter-campus connectivity.



A Town Hall Meeting has been organized for Today in Rangos Hall.  Design specifics of the new Scott Hall will be announced and discussed by the Architect and the Campus Design office.  Please follow this link for a digital copy of the Town Hall Presentation.  Below are a few renderings that will be displayed at the meeting.

Town Hall Presentation

Hamerschlag  wean entry

mall  view from Ham


Today, the ground breaking ceremonies were held for the Sherman and Joyce Bowie Scott Hall.  This will become the future home of the new Wilton E. Scott Institute for Energy Innovation.  Distinguished guests, donors, and select University members commemorated the event.

Breaking ground

Breaking ground 6 Breaking ground 7


The Wean Hall duct bank is nearing completion with the majority of the run already buried.  Gas lines were removed this week so the duct bank can continue its path into Wean Hall.



The new Wean Hall duct bank is currently being installed.  The electrical conduits are encased in an aluminum duct with a mixture of sand and gravel.  The shielded duct bank is buried beneath the future corridor surrounding the cleanroom.

001 002

003 004


3D modeling and clash detection has become a major method to expedite the design coordination process.  Combining the consultants models allows all members of the team to visually focus on areas of the building and review issues that may arise.

cafe colab

cleanroom exterior


A telephone and electrical duct bank have been exposed in order to plot there coordinates within the hillside.  This will enable the design team to plan foundations more accurately.

exposed utilities 4300


Exploratory work continues.  Site utilities are being located and identified.  Test holes are plotted and excavated with the help of previous campus surveys and historical data.  Once a utility is found, coordinates are shot and points are transferred and modeled into a 3D site model.

mini on hillside 1 exposed line 3.23.12


Starting today our project team will begin exploration work to locate approximate locations of site utilities in the hillside.  Throughout the next few weeks our CM, Jendoco, will be spot excavating on the hillside to locate the paths of storm, water, steam, and electrical lines which are located in the area.  A mini-excavator will be brought on site to facilitate the efficiency of locating utilities.

Efforts will be taken by our team to minimize any disruptions as much as possible.  Please watch for notices regarding future construction activities. We appreciate your patience and cooperation during this work.