MMCH Project-Campus Design and Facility Development - Carnegie Mellon University


The Margaret Morrison Carnegie Hall Masonry Repairs Project is an essential step in preserving Carnegie Mellon University's heritage.  The project will encompass repairs to the building's west facade, bordering the tennis courts, as well as improving the infrastructure within the building..

Over the decades, water has gotten in behind the bricks and, due to freeze/thaw cycles, has caused damage to the masonry.  As a result, we need to strip off and put back much of the brick façade on the west side of the building.  Additional areas of focus will include the reconstruction of the 3rd floor balustrade, including the installation of a through-wall flashing necessary to protect the wall and structure from future water damage.  Brick masonry reconstruction will be done above the 3rd floor windows and will include the replacement of damaged steel and the restoration of original drainage systems which will also include the replacement of roofs at both the 1st and 3rd floor setbacks. 

During this process, we will have the opportunity to address the building's infrastructure.  We plan to replace current hot water risers for perimeter heat, as well as install separate hot and chilled water risers for future HVAC capabilities.

In order to accommodate the work site, the Children's School located in MMCH will temporarily relocate their playground to Donner Dell.  Construction of a temporary playground is included within the project scope.  Campus Design & Facility Development will be working in coordination with PWWG Architects and Jendoco Construction Corporation to execute this project.   

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