FAQ's-Campus Design and Facility Development - Carnegie Mellon University


Q:  Will noise from construction affect the occupants of the building?

A:  CDFD and the construction firm will do our best to schedule outside of class times.  We will try to utilize early mornings, nights, and weekends as much as possible so that we do not disturb the occupants.  However, there may be some compromises to the scheduling hours.


Q:  Will we be able to open our windows for fresh air, and what will prevent dust from penetrating?

A:  Window coverings such as plastic, plexi-glass, and plywood will be used in various locations during the project.  Coverings will be used when work is being done within a certain vicinity to the windows.   Therefore, coverings will not always be needed and you will be able to get some fresh air.  As much as we try to reduce the amount of dust entering, it will still happen.  Scheduled cleanings will be planned with the construction management firm in order to alleviate this problem.


Q:  What work will be done on the interior of the building?

A:  We plan to install new hot and chilled water risers (pipes that extend through the building vertically floor to floor).  This work will be done with regard to the occupants’ schedule.  We aim to utilize early mornings, nights, and weekends as frequently as possible so we keep the disturbance to a minimum.  However, we may need to access certain areas through the day, in which the occupants would be informed in advance.


Q:  Where will the work begin and in what fashion will it proceed?

A:  Simply enough, we will begin from the top and work our way down.  We will also coordinate with the occupants and their schedules in order to maximize work efficiency.


Q:  Will the Architecture’s Digital Fabrication Laboratory be affected?

A:  We are possibly planning to access infrastructure lines located in B & C levels.  If access is needed in the lab, then we will coordinate with the Architecture Department.


Q:  Will transporting small children from the Children’s School through the building to the playground be an issue of concern?

A:  We plan to organize a schedule in order to avoid undergraduate dismissal times.