Project Updates-Campus Design and Facility Development - Carnegie Mellon University


Please take a quick look at the follow progress photos of the Reflection Garden.  The area is now open for public use.

166 168

164 165


161 162

159 160

157 158

155 156

153 154

151 152

149 150

147 148

145 146


The sidewalk outside of MMCH will be temporarily closed and fenced for project staging and and material loading.  All pedestrians will be detoured across the parkinglot driveway to the opposite sidewalk.  Please see the following map for more information.

fancing detour


There is additional internal mechanical work that is currently underway and scheduled for the near future.

  • New hot water risers on the interior of the East and North facade of the building(similar to the work that was done on the west facade last year).  This will include new risers, branch piping, and insulation.
  • Demolish/ remove existing steam piping at B and C levels from the previous system.
  • New piping for future HVAC Chilled/Hot water risers as various building locations.  This will include new risers, insulations, and enclosures.
  • New mechanical equipment for the future HVAC Chilled/Hot water risers located in the B level mechanical rooms.  This includes additional infrastructure piping and electrical work powering the equipment.  A new control system will also be installed to regulate the equipment.


The following images and this Presentation were presented today to the Design Review Committee geared to inform of current and future work planned for MMCH.  The new garden space in the courtyard will create a new gathering area for all members of the University.  Not only is the new area aesthetically pleasing, the space has been functionally designed to alleviate historically known flooding problems.  A higher ratio of greenspace to hardscaping and the use of bio infiltration should greatly reduce water problems within the courtyard while still maintaining a through campus path.




During the end of our project, the courtyard space adjacent to the tennis courts and MMCH will be revitalized with a new layout and landscaping.  The theme and program of this space will become a more intimate gathering area for University members.  In order to facilitate the new program, all playground equipment will be removed, new benches and planters will be installed, and fresh landscaping will be planted to provide an intimate garden space.


Currently the facade restoration work has been completed.  We greatly appreciate all the cooperation and efforts of the University and its members during this process.  Our project team will begin further efforts to finalize with the project when weather permits such work.  Thank you again.


As the project is winding down, final repairs and punch list items are being completed this week.


All roofing was completed as planned last week.  Additional minor work related to the temporary playground will continue through this week.


The remaining roofing work will be completed this week.  As the roofing finishes, scaffolding will be removed subsequently.


All light weight concrete has ben poured, and roofing will begin Monday 11/19.  Roofing will be on going for 2 weeks and scaffold removal will begin once roofing is complete.


Light weight roofing concrete will be poured on the first floor setback roof this week.  During this time the CFA parking lot will be used for access.  We greatly appreciate the cooperation of the campus during this work. 


Task Summary:

  1. Balustrade Complete.
  2. Third floor set back roof and windows complete.
  3. Mechanical renovation complete.
  4. Light weight concrete roofing substrate will be installed 11/12/12 on first floor set back.
  5. Roofing will start November 14/15.
  6. Roofing is expected to be completed by the end of the month.
  7. Scaffold will be removed the first week of December.
  8. Small green plaza will be restored and final cleanup will be done after scaffolding is removed.
  9. Existing playground restoration will start on 11/19/12.

*This schedule is subject to change. Changes, if necessary, will be updated and posted here.


elev conc2


The concrete repairs have been made to the A-level set back.  These patches will be coated to match the existing color of the facade.



Roofing work has begun.  There will be associated odors to the work being completed during the roofing process.  Please note that these odors are not dangerous, and we are taking every precaution to minimize the disturbance.  Scaffolding will continue to be removed as we work our way down the facade.


The construction of the balustrade has been completed.  Remaining work includes roofing and the removal of scaffolding.

140 grouted cells completed balustrade


There will be a Town Hall Meeting Scheduled for 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, September 13th, 2012, held in MM 103 Breed Hall.  Meeting agenda will include a project progress presentation, and notification of future events.


 Please see below for an outlined schedule of the project's remaining tasks.  This schedule is subject to change and updates will be posted.

  8/20-8/31: Masonry/painting.

  8/31-9/7: Masonry/roofing/carpentry.

  9/10-9/12: Adjust scaffold.

  9/12-9/28: Roofing

  9/19-9/28:  Roofing(Please be advised that some roofing processes during this period may cause odors).

  10/1-10/5: Adjust scaffold.

  10/8-10/12: Roofing.

  10/15-10/23: Roofing(Please be advised that some roofing processes during this period may cause odors).

  10/26-10/31: Remove remainder of scaffold.


The balustrade is currently being installed.  As you can see in the image to the lower right, metal rods secured at the base are run through the pieces and will be attached to the caps of the balustrade.  This will create a tight and secure method of anchoring this architectural element to the the building.

balustrade balustrade rod


As a means to alleviate drainage problems surrounding MMCH, a new catch basin has been installed to help prevent future flooding.  A new door and raised curb at the A-Level egress will also help prevent future flood damage.

Catch Basin finished catch basin 

walk door

The window sashes on the third floor have all been raised.  The location of the original sash was situated too close to the roof line, creating premature weathering, leaking, and near future window failure.  The new height moves the window higher, eliminating many of the weathering issues that were previously of concern.

window sash


The second course of the frieze is currently being installed, and the clips are being welded into place.

course 2 welding clips


The bottom row of the frieze is currently being installed along with masonry clip anchors which will help support the facade and keep it tight to the building.

Bottom Frieze


The brick has been finished to the bottom of the frieze, which will be delivered during the week of July 9th.  We anticipate the installation of the frieze to begin during the week of July 16th.  While material is being delivered, our team has been focusing attention on the A Level Facade.  The area has been prepped and concrete has been poured.  The patches will be coated and painted to match the existing concrete.

new brick new brick 2

level A concrete form work

Level A


The new lintel is currently being installed, as well as flashing to protect the lintel from any moisture.  Current building methods such as these will ensure the steel to remain intact for decades to come.

notched brick flashing


The inner wythe, which is the inner vertical section of brick, has been set.  This back up brick will act as an bearing wall in addition to the steel columns for the steal member supporting the roof.

backup brick brick 2


New brick is arriving and work has begun.  Material is being loaded at the southwest corner of Margaret Morrison, at the entrance to the CFA Parking Lot.

material material 2


Currently, our project team has the following tasks scheduled to be performed during the next few weeks:

  1. Finish steel installation during the week of 6/4/12.
  2. Begin brick work during the week of 6/11/12.
  3. Continue to work on hot water heat plumbing lines on the interior of the building.
  4. Continue to work on patching for mechanical and window installations.
  5. Install bulkhead on the second floor, Room 212.

Efforts will be taken by our team to minimize any disruptions as much as possible.  Please watch for notices regarding future construction activities. We appreciate your patience and cooperation during this work.


The following images show the new steel in place.  As you can see the new steel has been attached to the existing columns, and additional horizontal plates have been attached to the existing areas as needed.  Work on the steel will be finalizing within the next couple weeks.

new channel  welding bent channel

finished column  


Efforts are currently geared towards the patching of the concrete "bump-out" at the A-level.  The construction team is carefully cleaning and prepping the existing concrete for patches.  Steel repairs will begin next week, 5/22, while plumbing work for the roof drains will begin in A-level at that time.  As you can see below, the concrete has spalled, which has exposed portions of the steel rebar reinforcement. 

core drill core drill 2

exposed bar arch patch



clean steel painted steel

The above photos depict the process of cleaning and coating the existing steel members.


The photos below show a new curb that was installed on the east side of MMCH.  This curb was installed to help mitigate water infiltration into the building.

wall form finished wall


Starting tomorrow, Thursday 4/12/12, our project team for the MMCH Facade Restoration Project will be removing steel above the 3rd floor.  There may be a "smoke" smell from the steel removal, but all possible measures are being taken to prevent any discomfort from this activity and to minimize any disruptions as much as possible.  A fire watch will be in place during all steel work activities.  Concrete repairs have already began and will continue for the next couple weeks.    

Efforts will be taken by our team to minimize any disruptions as much as possible.  Please watch for notices regarding future construction activities. We appreciate your patience and cooperation during this work.


 old steel 2 old steel 1 

The photos above show the current conditions of the steel columns and beams that have been exposed.  These members display water damage that has occurred over a prolonged period of time.  Steel removal is scheduled for the next few weeks.


During the week of Spring Break, 3/12/12 - 3/16/12, our project team for the MMCH Façade Restoration Project will be performing multiple tasks in order to maximize time and effort.  The following items are currently scheduled to be completed during this time.

  1. On the 3rd Floor, we will be working on the window rough framing to raise the sills / stools. Tables near the windows in the architecture studio will need to be pushed out away from the window for access.
  2. Drilling penetrations for the mechanical risers in the children's school.
  3. Led paint abatement in the children's school ceiling.
  4. Penetration into the School of Photography studio. 
  5. Penetrations in School of Music room 119A.

Efforts will be taken by our team to minimize any disruptions as much as possible.  Please watch for notices regarding future construction activities. We appreciate your patience and cooperation during this work.


Starting Monday 3/5, the thru way along the tennis courts will be closed for brick demolition, terra cotta cleaning/repair, and face brick cleaning.   Tennis courts can be accessed through new gates at the base of each staircase.  A dumpster will be installed during the week of 3/5, and the A14 door which exits directly to the exterior will be closed from 3/5 until 11/21, except for emergency purposes.  Please see this map which describes the site layout.

When the crane is on site and operational, the sidewalk directly next to the southwest corner of the building will be closed.  All pedestrian traffic will be directed to the opposite side of the street.

The window mock up was approved with minor adjustments.  Production has begun and delivery will be expected during the summer.

Mechanical upgrades are continuing through the 1st floor and starting in the Children's School within the next two weeks.


window1 window2

The mockup window has been installed.


A sample window mockup is scheduled to be installed tomorrow on the third floor within the architecture studio on the west facade.  Work will be done in the early morning and through the afternoon to have this installed with as little disruption as possible.


riser1 riser2

Work on the risers has been progressing well. Wholes are drilled on levels 2 and 3, with some piping in place.


Our project team is currently evaluating masonry subcontractors for the project.  Our selection will be based upon working experience, cost, and the ability to facilitate the progression on work in a timely manner.



Heritage is working in coordination with Jendoco to drill openings for the vertical hot/cold water risers to be installed on the west facade.


Heritage Mechanical Group has been awarded the mechanical contract for the infrastructure work within the project.


On Wednesday, 11/30/11, at 2:00 P.M. our project team for the MMCH Facade Restoration Project will perform a walk through to observe the conditions of the spaces.  Efforts will be taken by our team to minimize any disruptions to the occupants as much as possible.



Today the construction trailer was delivered and situated on site.


On Wednesday, 11/23/11, noise will be created by work performed to the west facade of MMCH from 6a.m.-3 p.m.  The facade work will produce noise in the immediate area. All efforts will be taken to minimize noise, vibration, and other disruptions to the occupants. Please watch for notices regarding future construction activities.  The construction trailer is also scheduled to be delivered between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. We appreciate your patience and cooperation during this work.


west facade lay down

rc2 rc4


The dumpster has been delivered and located on the site.



- To continue with the restoration progress of MMCH and to provide proper safety in and around the construction zone, we will be implementing a site layout with multiple phases.  The layout includes a timeframe indicating when certain aspects of the job will be brought to the site.  For example, on Wednesday, 11/23/2011 the Jendoco project trailer will be installed on site.  Delivery of all materials and equipment for this process will be brought to the site via Margaret Morrison Street.  If you experience any problems arising from the site layout please contact Ed Hydzik at or Brennen Garrison at


-As the balustrade and portions of the terra cotta frieze are removed, the conditions of the columns become visible.

under balustrade

rusted column


-The Children's School have moved into the playground and are enjoying the facilities.

occupied playground


-Work is progressing on the facade restoration.

mmch scaffolding


- Listed below are plans of the scaffolding located on the site.

Scaffolding Plan Drawings             Scaffolding Elevation Drawings


-To enable the renovation and restoration of the exterior Margaret Morrison Carnegie Hall, Jendoco Construction will begin erecting scaffolding on the west façade of the building on Tuesday, 9/13/2011.  All materials for this process will be brought to the site via Margaret Morrison Street; the timeframe to erect the scaffolding is expected to be two to three weeks.  Upon completion of the installation, the main work to restore the exterior of the building will begin.  If you experience any problems arising from the scaffolding installation please email Ed Hydzik at or Brennen Garrison at










-The design for the Temporary Playground has been finalized, and the layout of the site has begun.  Construction on the site is anticipated to begin soon.  Discussions and planning have also begun for scaffolding, trailer location, and equipment and material storage/access locations.  The drawings for the playground are linked to the images below.

Site Plan  Planting Plan


-After numerous meetings and deliberations, CDFD has chosen Jendoco as the construction manager for the MMCH Project.


-Below are some images of the PowerPoint presentation that was presented at the "FYI" Meeting today.

     Children's School Temporary Playground Design by PWWG

PWWG Playground Design

     Brief Schedule outline by PWWG in today's "FYI" Meeting.


-Town Hall "FYI" Meeting scheduled to be held on June 15, 2011 at 3:00pm in MMCH 103/Breed Hall.  PWWG Architects will discuss findings after their initial studies, followed by an outline and description of the course of action.  CD&FD will also discuss their role with the project, as well as plans for on-going communication with building occupants.