Giant Self-Squeezing Sponge-Campus Design and Facility Development - Carnegie Mellon University

Giant Self-Squeezing Sponge

"Giant Self-Squeezing Sponge" by Zach Cohen

Dates of Installation: 05-05-2011 through 05-12-2011

Giant Self Squeezing Sponge 1
Giant Self Squeezing Sponge 2
Giant Self Squeezing Sponge 3
Artist's Description: "The Giant Self-Squeezing Sponge investigates the question of rain-catching.  Rainfall is inherently temporary; coming just as suddenly as it goes it can last anywhere from minutes to hours... Until the Giant Self-Squeezing Sponge.  The Sponge is a three-dimensional pattern work of several hundred sponges stitched together.  Its large mass catches and absorbs the rainfall temporarily suspending the moment of the raindrops reaching the ground.  As the Sponge fills with water, it grows in mass and its form begins to deflect.  As the deflection increases the sponge fabric grows more tense and eventually starts to release water.  Once the Sponge has been fully drained of water it returns back to its resting state; dry and stiff once again.  The sponge inverses normal conceptions of shelter and rain collection, providing shelter while it's raining and rain when the sky has no more rain to offer.  The Sponge effectively allows rain to fall after the rain has stopped." - Zach Cohen