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Gabion Moss

"Gabion Moss" by Na Hyun Kim

Dates of Installation: 04-16-2011 through 05-16-2011

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Artist's Description: "I will be using natural wool roving, which is made from sheep wool- it's very soft, delicate, and opaque. There are eight sets of gabions in the Art Park, and the fence wiring on these gabions will be used as the component that the wool roving can latch on to. II will be attaching the wool roving in a pattern, so the whole gabion will not be covered. Also, only a thin layer of the wool roving will be installed on top of the gabions. Some parts of the wool roving will be attached securely by string on to the wire fence. Also, real moss will be a part of the installation by growing it on the bottoms of the gabions so that the wool roving and the patches of moss will meet." - Na Hyun Kim