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Jared L. Cohon University Center Naming Ceremony

Current and Future Work

Important Notifications

The Beeler Street entrance and exit to the East Camups Garage will open by the end of day August, 15, 2014.

Weather permitting; on September 3, 2014 construction will begin the Service Courtyard outside of the Weigand Gymnasium and at the Cohon University Center loading dock.  The reconfiguration of the loading dock will also require temporary access be granted to the building from inside the Weigand Gymnasium.  The scope of work will include the following: 

  • Expansion of the service courtyard and relocation of the  building’s trash compactor, grease pit, and recycling station.
  • Construction of a temporary service corridor within the Weigand Gymnasium and creation of a loading and unloading station at the north entry into the Weigand Gymnasium, which will serve the CUC throughout construction until the new loading dock becomes operational

The work within the Weigand Gymnasium will take place in late September. A specific schedule will be published once the construction curtail is received. While workers are erecting the corridor, the Weigand Gymnasium will be offline for recreational activity.

September 5, 2014 work will begin at the at the West Entry/Exit of the East Campus Garage. At that time, the West Entry/Exit will be closed and all garage traffic will be directed through the Beeler Entry/Exit. The scope of work at the West end of the Garage includes the following

  • Modification of the West Entry/Exit, providing one entry and one exit lane
  • Modification of the East Campus garage to provide an area for short term parking and covered bike racks
  • Creation of a new access road off of Forbes Avenue, in line with the service courtyard
  • Creation of a new entry drive off of Forbes Avenue which is in line with the expanded service courtyard

The anticipated completion of the rest of  Phase 2 is mid-November 2014.

During Phase 2 construction, the sidewalk traffic along Forbes Avenue will be directed to an alternate path. All vehicles accessing the East Campus Garage will need to do so from the Entrance and Exit at the Beeler side of the garage.

Project Phasing

Phase 1 – East Campus Garage Beeler Entrance/Exit Modifications - COMPLETE 8/15/2014

Phase 2 – East Campus Garage West Entry/Exit Modifications, Service Courtyard, and Loading Dock

Phase 3 – Cohon University Center Addition

Upon completion of Phase 2, construction will begin on the Cohon University Center Addition. The construction site spans from the north face of the existing building to the sidewalk along Forbes Avenue. At this point, the Cohon University Center “turnaround circle” will be repurposed as part of the overall CUC design.  A working group has been meeting this summer to identify alternate campus locations for staging buses and other group transportation that previously used the turnaround circle, and those options will be shared with the community prior to the circle’s closure.

The anticipated completion of the Cohon University Center addition is sometime during the spring semester of 2016.

Phase 4 – Cohon University Center Pool and Locker Room Renovations

In late Spring 2015, the Cohon University Center Pool and Locker Rooms will be taken off-line to perform the following scope of work:

  • Construction of a new spectator balcony within the natatorium
  • Replacement of the natatorium HVAC and pool heating systems
  • Replacement of the natatorium lighting
  • Installation of a pool-side hot-tub
  • Expansion of varsity locker rooms
  • Installation of additional lockers
  • Construction of unisex and family changing rooms
The pool and locker room will be offline during construction. The anticipated completion of construction is August 2015. The athletics department is arranging for swim patrons to have access to alternate pool facilities during this time.