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Jared L. Cohon University Center Naming Ceremony

Current and Future Work

Two Week Look-Ahead

On June 16, 2014 construction will begin at the Beeler Street Entrance/Exit to the East Campus Garage. This scope of work will include the following

  • Modification of Entry/Exit to provide for a dedicated entrance from Forbes Avenue and Beeler Street; a dedicated exit lane for west access onto Forbes Avenue; and a dedicated exit lane for straight access onto Beeler Street and East access onto Forbes Avenue.
  • Installation of access controls within the garage to allow for more traffic queuing at the entrances/exits\
  • Updated directional signage

The anticipated completion date for this work is August 22, 2014.

During construction, the sidewalk along Forbes Avenue and along the east side of the garage will remain open. All vehicles accessing the East Campus Garage will need to do so from the Entrance and Exit facing the Cohon University Center.

Below is an image showing the construction zone

Beeler Construction

Important Notifications

The Beeler Street Entrance and Exit to the East Campus Garage will be closed from Monday, June 16, 2014 through Mid-August 2014.

Project Phasing

Phase 1 – East Campus Garage Beeler Entrance/Exit Modifications

Modification of the Beeler Street Entrance/Exit to allow for a single dedicated entry lane, and (2) dedicated exit lanes.

(1) Exit lane will be dedicated to west access onto Forbes

(1) Exit lane will be dedicated to Beeler access, and East access on Forbes


Phase 2 – East Campus Garage West Entrance/Exit and

Modification of West Entrance/Exit, reducing to (1) entry lane and (1) exit lane

Creating short term parking within the East Campus Garage

Expanding the service courtyard outside of Wiegand Gymnasium

Relocating the entry drive from Forbes


Phase 3 – Cohon University Center Addition Mobilization

Construction of 62,000 SF Addition

Fenced off construction zone between Cohon University Center and Forbes

Modification of exit routes from Cohon University Center

Excavation, Foundations, Building Envelope, and Building Program Fit-out