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Jared L. Cohon University Center Naming Ceremony

Current and Future Work

Important Notifications

The construction of the Cohon University Center Addition is transitioning from foundation and earth work to steel erection. In preparation for this transition the construction site fence will be expanding west toward the intersection of Forbes and Morewood. This site expansion can be seen in the image below. This expansion will allow for construction delivery vehicles to pull into the site for off –loading, and minimize impact or disruption of vehicle and pedestrian traffic on Forbes Avenue.

The expansion of the site fence will begin on Tuesday, March 31, 2015.

Cohon University Center Expanded Construction Site Plan

On March 23, the Cohon University Center pool and locker room facilities closed for renovations. They are expected to reopen in August 2015.

During the renovations, there will be a number of enhancements made to the pool and locker rooms. We will add a spectator balcony to the pool, replace the HVAC system that will improve air quality and enhance facility lighting. We will add two gender-inclusive and family changing rooms, make locker room enhancements to the varsity team rooms and change the functionality of the check-in desk and laundry facilities.

The athletics department recognizes the impact these improvements will make on the campus community, and has worked to alleviate associated concerns. A number of partnerships have been established with local pool facilities to accommodate recreational swimmers. For a full list of partnerships, please visit the athletics department website: Access to all other CUC fitness facilities, including the gym, will be coordinated at a temporary athletic desk located on the landing of the 2nd floor of the CUC across from the Activities Room. Skibo Gym will have locker room facilities available for use, along with the full complement of its exercise and workout spaces open throughout the spring and summer.

Rendered view from spectator balcony

Rendered view of the new spectator balcony

Project Phasing

Phase 1 – East Campus Garage Beeler Entrance/Exit Modifications –COMPLETE

Phase 2 – East Campus Garage Entry/Exit Modifications & Temporary Loading Dock – COMPLETE

Phase 3 – Cohon University Center Addition - ESTIMATED COMPLETION SPRING 2016

Phase 4 – Cohon University Center Pool and Locker Room and Gym Air Handler Renovations - ESMATED COMPLETION AUGUST 2015