John Lehoczky-Center for the Arts in Society - Carnegie Mellon University

John Lehoczky

Dean, College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Carnegie Mellon University
5000 Forbes Ave,
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Office: Baker Hall 145
Phone: 412.268.2832


With his experience in interdisciplinary research and education—the heart of a liberal arts education—John Lehoczky is leading Carnegie Mellon University's College of Humanities and Social Sciences (H&SS) into the 21st century. 

Lehoczky sees H&SS as a college that is "developing novel research projects and education programs in the social sciences and humanities that will enhance Carnegie Mellon's reputation as a great university."

In his own research, Lehoczky, the Thomas Lord Professor of Statistics, studies stochastic processes and how they can be used to model real applications. His investigation into the evolution of random processes over time is focused on developing methods that combine system scheduling with performance evaluation and can be applied to manufacturing systems in which products have delivery deadlines. His theories can also be applied to real-time computer or communication systems that require certain tasks to be completed within stringent timing requirements.