Marian Aguiar-Center for the Arts in Society - Carnegie Mellon University

Marian Aguiar

Associate Professor, Literary & Cultural Studies, English

Carnegie Mellon University
5000 Forbes Ave,
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Phone: 412.268.3714


Dr. Marian Aguiar’s research focuses on the different forms of modernity that appear in the global context. Her forthcoming book Tracking Modernity: India, Trains, and the Culture of Mobility (University of Minnesota, 2010) explores cultural representations of the modern by considering the imagination of railway space in colonial, nationalist and postcolonial South Asian contexts. Her current project looks at arranged marriage in South Asia and its diaspora in the EU and the United States. Professor Aguiar has taught on such topics as postcolonial studies, South Asian literature and film, South Asians in the diaspora, and culture and globalization. Her articles have appeared in Cultural Critique, Modern Fiction Studies, Journal of Modern Literature, and Rethinking Marxism, as well as in edited book collections.