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Occupy Facebook

What is the relationship between new social movements and new social media? How can artists shape that relationship? While technology boosters praise Facebook and Twitter for fueling the Arab Spring and the Occupy Movement, critics question the significance of social media to contemporary revolutions and assail the Kony 2012 campaign as another form of internet ‘slactivism.’ Despite the popularity of particular Occupy posters and the success of the Kony 2012 video, the significance of art to the social change/social media nexus remains underexplored.  By bringing together faculty in the School of Art and Dietrich College, Occupy Facebook will use art to intervene in debates concerning the relationship between nonviolent social change and new social media.

Occupy Facebook will include three main projects: an interdisciplinary conference on media, technology, and service learning; the design of a web portal that uses a variety of media to explore the history of social change; and an internet campaign that uses art and social media ‹particularly Facebook) to tackle a contemporary social problem--the lack of funding for the arts in public schools.

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