April 9, 2012 - Center for the Arts in Society - Carnegie Mellon University

PosterThe Center for the Arts in Society and the Global Studies Program present

“Human Rights and the ‘Drug War’ in Mexico”

Cipriana Jurado Herrera

April 9, 2012 4:30 - 5:30 PM
Porter Hall 100

Cipriana Jurado Herrera is a human rights activist from Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, who recently received political refugee status in the United States due to her persecution by Mexican military and security forces. Jurado Herrera is the first activist to receive such status from the United States in the context of the current “drug war.” In this talk, she will speak of her experiences as a maquiladora (i.e. assembly plant) worker in Ciudad Juárez; of her work as an activist working on behalf of workers, and of women disappeared and killed in Juárez; and of her recent work denouncing human rights abuses stemming from the militarization of northern Mexico in the context of the current ‘drug war.’