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Spring 2016

Spring 2016

Pittonkatonk, Colour of Music Festival Virtuosi, Filmmaker Julie Dash Events, Facing Avatars, No More, Critical Play, Performing Place, Performing Peace, Daggers of the Mind

Bob Moses

Fall 2015

Close Encounters (of the Theatrical Kind), An Evening with Bob Moses, Digitizing the Ephemeral, A Dialogue in Charleston & A Watch Party in Pittsburgh, A Dialogue with Charleston Artists


Spring 2015

For This, Be All Thy Sins Forgiven!, Locating Social Class, In-Between Space, Dangerous Acts, Robot Ethics, Neither Here Nor There, Click and Spin, Making Art in a Hostile Environment, The Stuart Hall Project, Things Left Unsaid


Fall 2014

Twice Performing Objects, Making Money, Translations Filmscreening, Changing Channels Reception


Spring 2014

Parades, Flags, Carnivals and Riots, Trans-Q Television!, Allá in the Mix: Listening Like a Sonidero, Divas, Darlings, and Dames: Women in Broadway Musicals of the 1960's, Anonymous and the Craftiness of Craft and the Trickiness of Trickery, Lucky After Dark: Gay and Lesbian Night Club Communities in Pittsburgh, PA (1960-1990), May Day: Music and Labor Public Roundtable


Fall 2013

No Church in the Wild: Queer Anarchy and the Aesthetics of Chaos, Feminist Performance and the Limits of Witness in Neoliberal Times, The Internet and the Death of Jazz: On Community, Visibility, and Improvisation, Adjudicating Bodies Public in NEA v. Finley, Environmental Reading with Perfume, Soundtrack, Tweet Mirror, and the Joy of Cooking


Spring 2013

Masters of Doom: How Two Guys Created an Empire and Transformed Pop Culture, Rocking the Body Politics: Musical Spaces for Resistance & Survival. Media & Revolution in the Arab Spring, Why do Artists Create Urban Development?, The Widow's Joy: Pride, Genius, Grief & Lies from International 78rpm Recordings, History, Memory, Truth: Cultural Capital in Spain’s Memory Wars, A Celebration of the Humanities, and more!


Fall 2012

Through the Lens of Freedom: Civil War Images of Freed People in Coastal South Carolina and the Birth of Gullah/Geechee Identity, A Perfect X: Inspecting Transgender Perspectives in Film, Video & Performance, Listening Spaces: 21st Century Perspectives on Music, Technology and Culture, Non-Relational Aesthetics: An Object-Oriented Look at Contemporary Art, Media, Technology, and Service Learning


Spring 2012

Out of Rubble, New Media/News Media: How Technology is Changing the Aesthetics of the News, “Signs of Violence: Messaging, Media and Politics in Mexico’s ‘Drug War’,” Fiction / Nonfiction, Cipriana Jurado Herrera, "Director John Sayles: Critical Realism and New Left Cinema," Conflict Kitchen


Fall 2011

Maya Apocalypse: 1562 or 2012?, "Shale Play: Our Brains on Frack": Theatre Artists Tackle Marcellus Shale, "Political Expressionism" and Other Fallacies of Political Art, The Boys of St. Columb's, “I’m an African”: Black Aesthetics and The Making of a Hip Hop Globe, SITES OF PASSAGE


Spring 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean: What have they brought us? What does it mean?, Fire in My Belly: Art, Censorship, Controversy, Staging Water Rites, Now that Everyone is a Curator, Curators are Writing Algorithms, From Alienation to Revolution: Youth and the Performance of Citizenship in Egypt, Radical Cartooning in the Labor Movement as History, etc


Fall 2010

"Remembering Networks: Agrippa, RoSE, and Network Archaeology," "Regime (of Language) Change: How to Retool the War on Terror," Connecting with Indigenous Communities through Indigenous Art Collections, How Now Affects How, Multiple Journeys, etc.


Spring 2010

No Cartoon Left Behind, The Contingency Plan, Controversy, Art and Power, The Wonderous World of Laundry, New Media, etc.


Older Events

Carrie Ruiz, Richard Pell, The Pittsburgh Eco Drama Festival, G-20 Events, Greening the Future of Live Performance, Stephen Brockman, etc.