Fall 2011-Center for the Arts in Society - Carnegie Mellon University

Fall 2011


Maya Apocalypse: 1562 or 2012?

Amara Solari, Assistant Professor of Art History & Anthropology, Penn State University

Matthew Restall, Edwin Erle Sparks Professor of Colonial Latin American History, Anthropology & Women's Studies, Penn State University

Monday, November 28; 6 PM, Rangos 1 (University Center, second floor)


"Shale Play: Our Brains on Frack": Theatre Artists Tackle Marcellus Shale

Anne Justine D’Zmura, Department of Theatre Arts, California State University Long Beach

Monday, November 14; 4:30 PM

Adamson Wing (Baker Hall 136)


"Political Expressionism" and Other Fallacies of Political Art

Stephen Duncombe and Steve Lambert are directors of the new Center for Artistic Activism

Thursday, November 10; 4:30 PM

Porter Hall 100


The Boys of St. Columb's

Director Maurice Fitzpatrick will talk about the film prior to the screening

Thursday, October 22, 4:30 PM

Adamson Wing (Baker Hall 136A)



Tavia La Follette

Thursday, September 22, 4:30 PM

Gregg Hall (Porter Hall 100)


“I’m an African”: Black Aesthetics and The Making of a Hip Hop Globe

Sujatha Fernandes

Tuesday, September 13, 4:30 PM

Margaret Morrison 103