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Jóvenes Latinos

Jóvenes Latinos is a group composed of first generation Latinos from Mexico, South America and the Caribbean.  While Latinos are Pittsburgh’s fastest growing immigrant population they remain largely invisible to the larger population.  Jóvenes Latinos thus aims to strengthen Latino youths’ engagement with Pittsburgh through arts projects that allow them to explore the relationship between their cultural traditions and the history of the city they now consider home.  Beyond fostering the recognition of Pittsburgh’s Latino population, the Jóvenes aim to stimulate new ways of thinking about issues and misconceptions that are at the heart of urgent national debates relating to the border, immigration, and citizenship.  In 2009 and 2010, the group has organized a series of workshops with local artists, activists and academics, and are now in the process of planning and preparing a mural, for eventual display at the newly founded Latino Family Center in Squirrel Hill.  Jóvenes Latinos is co-sponsored by the Center for the Arts in Society and the Carnegie Museum.

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